Marlon responded to Dickson and Karen’s words after his expulsion from Challenge 2024

Marlon responded to Dickson and Karen’s words after his expulsion from Challenge 2024
Marlon responded to Dickson and Karen’s words after his expulsion from Challenge 2024

Marlon was expelled in episode 38 of Challenge 2024 after breaking one of the production rules. The athlete had a protein bar during a cycle in which his team had not won foodwhich became a serious offense.

As usual, This Monday, May 27, the former challenger was invited to Día a Día where he commented on various details and events that took place in the competition. Some related to Luisa, who was her partner in the program, while others were related to Beta.
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Nevertheless, One detail that the morning show hosts didn’t miss were Karen and Dickson’s comments. in Alpha after the expulsion, since They got upset with their teammates when they were sad for the former captain of the blue squad.

Challenge’s Marlon responds to Dickson and Karen

In the middle of the conversation with the presenters, it was inevitable that the former participant saw the moment in which his opponents were talking about him, however, when referring to the situation he explained that, just like any of the competitors, the two members of Alpha “They have a different thought about the game.”

In the same way, he declared that they are the ones who have made the team what it is today and He remembered the moment when they were allowed to keep the BBQ despite not having foodan intention they never regretted.

Finally he said that everything is being returned to the purple squad, since the previous cycle had all the men with the Sentence Vest and in this one they already have two women who will go to the Black Box to compete for their place in the Colombian reality show. .

What Karen and Dickson said about Marlon in the Challenge

The women asked their colleagues not to take the events so personally and, apparently, they were uncomfortable with Mapi’s response, who asked for a moment to assimilate what had happened with Marlon.

And the young woman shared with him throughout the first cycle and later the same thing happened with Kevyn, who was with the expelled throughout his entire history in Betaso they had become great friends.
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