They ask for the expulsion of Furia for hitting Arturo

They ask for the expulsion of Furia for hitting Arturo
They ask for the expulsion of Furia for hitting Arturo

The participant Juliana “Furia” Scaglione hit the dog Arturo three times in Big Brother 2023 and the audience asked for their expulsion on social networks, although it is most likely that Telefe omit what happened as on other occasions.

During the daytime activity of Big Brother 2023, Fury ran to take the microphone to sing the corresponding part of the song that was playing and thus earn points. Upon reaching the small stage, Arturo had done the same race as her after get excited like any dog ​​and started jumping on him.

Juliana, barely aware of the situation, He hit him first with his left hand on the snout., which caused the house pet to continue jumping at him with more insistence. Therefore, Scaglione had no better idea than hit him in the head with your knee and then with your footwhich ended up generating the indignation from everyone on social networks.

As soon as the video was known, The audience began to ask for his expulsion from the Telefe production, although it is most likely that they will turn a deaf ear as on so many other occasions. The channel’s modus operandi has broken the public’s trust with the reality show and Nobody expects them to have the same treatment with Fury and the rest of the participants.

It was leaked who will enter the Big Brother 2023 house: they are two influencers

The influencers Milky Dolly and Anto Pane would enter the house of Big Brother 2023 as participantssomething that surprised everyone considering that Santiago del Moro had only mentioned the entry of “them.”

Big Brother 2023 new participants

Two new participants will enter Big Brother 2023.

Telefe Capture

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