Joke by Miguel Melfi to Julián Trujillo and Sebastián González

Joke by Miguel Melfi to Julián Trujillo and Sebastián González
Joke by Miguel Melfi to Julián Trujillo and Sebastián González

Miguel Melfi was funny in ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ and the coexistence became more tense.

In recent days, tension has been felt in ‘The house of the famous Colombia’, after Ornella Sierra left the competition. This surprised all the participants, because they never thought it would go so quickly. RCN channel reality show. The ‘Papillentes’ were too sad, but since it is a competition they have continued without the participant who made them laugh with her witticisms.

Joke by Miguel Melfi to Julián Trujillo and Sebastián González

In the middle of the final stretch, some have also had some particular fun. For example, Miguel Melfiwho won the lead this week, began reading the envelope and several of the contestants were surprised by what the Panamanian was saying.

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“Pantera, Karen, Julián and Martha, Today they must undergo a test to find out if they are going to spend the whole day bitter or not,” was what Melfi read. After this, they looked at everything strangely and Julian Trujillo He did not miss the opportunity and expressed. “She got tangled and that’s why she couldn’t continue,” and after this, she immediatelyand Miguel Melfi he claimed.

“No, I just got too lazy to continue with the lies and I can’t keep them up.” for so long,” Melfi said. Therefore, everyone was surprised when they heard his words. Tension was felt throughout the room.The house of the famous Colombia’.

Miguel Melfi beat Julián Trujillo in a leadership test

On May 27, the competition for leadership in ‘The House of the Famous Colombia‘had to Julián Trujillo and Miguel Melfi as finalists. The test, which consisted of forming pairs on a board to advance, included the presence of Nataly Umañawho helped guide the dynamics of the game.

The surprise of the day was the victory of Miguel Melfi, who once again rose to the leadership, leaving many of those present astonished. At the end of the competitionMelfi gave an emotional hug to Trujillo, marking a memorable moment of the show.

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This episode was especially significant due to the participation Umaña active in the test, just in his last hours inside the house. Some wondered if the presence of Nataly brought luck to Melfi, given his exceptional performance in this crucial test.

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Published: 2024-05-28

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