Marlon, from Desafío 20 años, reveals what was behind his scam

Marlon, from Desafío 20 años, reveals what was behind his scam
Marlon, from Desafío 20 años, reveals what was behind his scam

Marlon, the most recent expelled from the 20 Years Challenge, was ‘To the races’ with Electrolit talking about his greatest challenges on a personal and sporting level, ensuring that he did not have in mind leaving the program and even less about the way in which everything happened.

The most unexpected turn of my life was my departure from the Challenge. It was never on my mind, I wasn’t going to throw away six years of preparation and that’s why I always went at maximum speed“, said.

Since leaving school at the age of 18, Marlon focused on sports as a way of support himself and help his father financially. He decided to invest in his passion by taking out a loan to set up a small gym, which over time has become one of the most important in Manizales.
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What was in Marlon’s camandula?

The former 20-year-old Challenge participant said that He brought a camándula and a prayer as an amulet to the Challengewhich he sniffed during the competition and was misunderstood by many.

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Marlon Duque, the recent expelled from Desafío20años, told in ‘To the races’ how he faced the most unexpected turn of leaving the reality show so soon after having prepared for 6 years. In addition, he revealed what are the things that he cannot miss in his training. @electrolitoficial ElectrolitColombia HidratacionInmediata Electrolit See more content at

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In addition to ser a successful businessman, Marlon is a crossfit enthusiast and has competed and won several OCR races. His persistence and dedication have led him to pursue his dream of being part of the Challenge for six years, and he is more than prepared to face any challenge that comes his way in the competition.

The greatest physical effort I have ever had to make has been to push my body to the maximum through CrossFit.”, he concluded.
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