What Nataly Umaña looked like when she acted in Los Reyes

What Nataly Umaña looked like when she acted in Los Reyes
What Nataly Umaña looked like when she acted in Los Reyes

Nataly Umaña has surprised with the drastic change she has had since she started on television.

Nataly Umaña She is a renowned Colombian actress who has stood out for the iconic novels in which she has participated. The woman from Tolima arrived at RCN Channel with the role of Monica in ‘The Kings’ and he was there from 2005 to 2006. Everyone was surprised by the great change he has had since he started in this world of television.

What Nataly Umaña looked like in ‘Los Reyes’

A video has been released through social networks, where they remember the great participation of Umaña in the novel ‘The Kings’. In the ‘clip’ you can see that the Alejandro Estrada’s ex-partner He sported glasses and also had blonde hair. At that time she had a pink suit, with some bows.

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Several fans said that this scene was better. A fight was seen between those They played Leo and Santi. The most curious thing was when Nataly Umaña appeared as if he were barring a team. Her beauty stole the show several times, and also for the way she played Monica.

In which novels has Nataly Umaña acted?

After appearing in ‘The Kings’, Alejandro Estrada’s ex-partner was Cinthia in ‘In Eva’s Heels’ from 2006 to 2008. Then he was in ‘Zona Rosa’ as Angélica Zúñiga.

She has also participated in ‘Comando elite’ as Marcela and in ‘The Detectives and Victor’ Like Jenny Rico. She was also in two novels abroad ‘Three times Ana’ and ‘Beauty and the Beasts’. She then came to Netflix in ‘Chichipatos’ as the teacher Estela Malagón. And his last role was Alejandro Misas in ‘Let’s get rid of Vargas.’

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Recently, Nataly Umaña He was in ‘The house of the famous Colombia‘, where it only lasted 43 days within the competition. In addition, it went viral because Alejandro Estrada, his ex-partner, came to the reality show to end their relationship.

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Published: 2024-05-29

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