the miniseries about a delirious hostage situation that lasts only 6 chapters

There are situations that would be traumatic for most people, but for them it will not be like that.

This Swedish miniseries, available on Netflix, tells a particular story that could have ended in tragedy in a funny and unusual way. The comedy, directed by Camilla Ahlgren, is based on a book of the same name and takes place in a 6-episode season.

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Generating strange situations, mixing the monotony of everyday life with the fact of unforeseen situations, Anxious People brings a fun and original proposal to laugh. Chapters last a maximum of 60 minutes.


Cover image of Anxious People, Netflix miniseries.

What is it about Anxious People, Netflix miniseries

Anxious People is a series that follows the story of eight people held hostage in an apartment after a botched robbery. After being free, the thief disappears without leaving any trace, making the police investigation difficult.

To find him, the authorities will interrogate these eight characters who were hostages, but each one will give a different version of the events, which will greatly confuse the police and make them suspicious of them.

Trailer for Anxious People, Netflix miniseries

Embed – Anxious People | Netflix | Official Subtitled Trailer

Cast of Anxious People, Netflix miniseries

  • Carla Sehn (Julia)
  • Alfred Svensson (Jack)
  • Sascha Zacharias (Liv)
  • Marika Lagercrantz (Anna-Lena)
  • Dan Ekborg (Jim)
  • Anna Granath (Zarah)
  • Petrina Solange (Ro)
  • Leif Andrée (Roger)
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