Have lunch with these moves from the morning of May 29, 2024

In a nutshell: The pension reform was submitted to the House for its fourth and final debate. It is key, because it has the deadlines and must be approved before June 20. In addition, it reaches the final stretch with a series of obstacles that could prevent it from becoming law.

The political movement of the moment: Luis Carlos Reyes, director of Dian, popularly nicknamed “Mr. Taxes”, will be the new Minister of Commerce. His resume was already published on the Presidential candidates page, a step prior to his appointment.

The dollar figure: It is at $3,871.

What will we be waiting for? From the technical tables that the Ministry of Labor installed together with Colmotores to address the crisis due to the announcement by General Motors, the company that will stop manufacturing cars in the country and that affected nearly 800 workers.

The tables arrive in the midst of the imminent indefinite strike that begins this Friday, May 31, as announced by the Ministry’s Strike Committee.

Also from the mobility bill that benefits Euclides Torres, the megacontractor financing the Petro campaign. Today it is being discussed in its last debate in the House.


Good afternoon. I am María José Quintero and I am here with you today. We’ll see you tomorrow with new political moves.

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