Big Brother: Facu Chen upset Nicolás by asking him about his feelings for Lucía

Big Brother: Facu Chen upset Nicolás by asking him about his feelings for Lucía
Big Brother: Facu Chen upset Nicolás by asking him about his feelings for Lucía

Written in TELEVISION he 5/29/2024 · 12:39 p.m.

Lucía’s time on Big Brother (Telefe) through the new frozen left a mark on Nicolás, who could not hide his happiness when he saw her in front of him when he entered the house to meet his companions again and leave a mysterious envelope just as he did Catherine last time. His visit generated jealousy in Florence and deep talks with some of his colleagues such as Facu Chen, Martín Ku’s friend that left him recalculating.

During his tour of the house’s facilities, Luchi took revenge on the young woman and all the hints he sent her during his stay in the house and in front of her, he assured Nicolás: “I told you I was waiting for you outside and I’ll wait for you.”which caused great anger in Flor since the young member of the Bro He confessed that he was attracted to his former little sister.who, far from being romantically interested in him, fell in love with Rosina.

In the midst of the distance that Florencia imposed with Nicolás due to the gesture that the former participant had towards him during her visit, The player had a sincere and deep talk with Facu Chen (who left the house after losing the competition for the house against Delfina, Virginia’s daughter).

It was then that Nico confessed to Martín Ku’s friend how he felt when he saw his former reality show partner: “Friend, when he came in he grabbed me…” while he made a gesture with his hand to show that his heart was beating strongly. Chen then asked him: “When Luchi left, did he hit you hard?” and he did not hesitate to respond: “Yeah”.

“Did you cry?” Facu retorted, visibly curious, at the Bro member’s confession. Despite the level of intimacy that question implied, Nicolás decided to face the conversation with total sincerity and said: Yes. It was the only person I cried for when he left.

Then, Chen wanted to know what she said to him “Besides the last thing, obviously” referring to her waiting for him outside. “Nothing. She told me “I love you” and hugged me. And then the other”, Bro answered. Given that information, Facu observed about the bond that unites him with the former Big Brother player: “You saw the talks you had with her and the ones she had with you. “She opened up to you and you opened up to her.” and then ask him: “Well, these talks you had with Luchi, did you also have them with Flor?”

That reflection on the part of Martín Ku’s friend left Nicolás recalculating, who shook his head carefully.making it clear that although he maintains a romantic relationship with Florencia within the house, there is not the same trust with her to talk about the same things that he used to debate and dialogue with Luchi.

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