They claim that there was fraud in the hand-to-hand between Delfina and Facundo

Last Sunday, April 21, the day Paloma Méndez became the nineteenth eliminated, the public had made it clear who the most beloved participants were, since it was a positive vote gala. On that occasion, the order of most to least votes had left Martín third with 15.4% and Virginia fourth with 7.6%.

During the gala on Tuesday, May 28, just over a month later, Delfina managed to beat Facundo with 53.3% against 46.7%. Although the difference was very small and this was known from the previous social media surveys, the audience did not take long to complain, ensuring that there was a new fraud on the part of Telefe.

Delfina winner daughter of Virginia Big Brother 2023

Delfina beat Facundo and surprised everyone in Big Brother 2023.

Telefe Capture

Likewise, this result has a totally logical justification: Martín and the Bros began playing alongside Furia to reach the final of Big Brother 2023, so the “anti-Juliana vote” supported Virginia. Thus, Telefe would have a way to defend itself in the event that the accusations escalate.

Big Brother 2023: Florencia’s unpleasant action that was compared to Julieta Poggio

The participant Florencia Regidor was compared to Julieta Poggio after using large amounts of perfume to hide the fact that she does not bathewhich many viewers related to the actress’s altercation in Big Brother 2022.

Florencia Regidor and Julieta Poggio pillow Big Brother 2023

Florencia starred in an unpleasant moment and the audience remembered Julieta Poggio.

Telefe Captures

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