Preview of today’s chapter, May 30

Preview of today’s chapter, May 30
Preview of today’s chapter, May 30

05/30/2024 at 10:23


In 50 minutes long, ‘Dreams of freedom’ tells the story of Begoña Montes, a woman trapped in a toxic marriage who seeks the longed-for freedom in the Spain of 1958. Viewers can enjoy fiction Monday to Friday at 3:45 p.m. Antenna 3.

The series begins with escape of the protagonist with her stepdaughter Julia. She is the new wife of Jesus of the Queen, the golden widower of the region, owner of an important toiletries company, Queen’s Perfumeries.

In the next chapter of Dreams of freedom, in the next chapter of Dreams of freedom Things are going to get tense again… Jesus will confront Elena! Without Begoña and the secretariat knew it, in their last meeting, Jesus He was spying on them, so when he’s done, he will go after Elena and threaten her again. What else does she intend to do to him?

Then he will get face to face with his wife, and tell her to talk to Worthy if you want to find the answers to your questions. Will Begoña speak with the Merino matriarch? MariaWith no more power, he decides to confess to Andrés that Ortega makes advances to him, bordering on harassment. Hope it doesn’t hurt the company! What will Andrés do when he finds out? How will he react?

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