Big Brother: who are the last eight players competing for the millionaire prize

Big Brother: who are the last eight players competing for the millionaire prize
Big Brother: who are the last eight players competing for the millionaire prize

Furia and Emmanuel signed a truce in Big Brother (Telefe)

After a long road, only eight participants reached the last instance of Big Brother (Telefe). With the final goal so close, the house lives intense days with changes of strategy, truces and betrayals. With this panorama, the players had to go through the confessional to face a new nomination gala.

At the beginning of the program, Big gave a harsh warning to the participants: “From now on, given that we are in the last stages of the program, The sanctions will be economic and will be reflected in a decrease in the final prize”. With a surprised look, Fury wanted to ask what kind of actions would be punished. “If you do something that is outside the regulations, the sanction will be financial,” said the voice of Big Brother, alluding to the self-nomination strategy of removing the microphone, creating a plot or making grievances against other players.

Fury’s strategy in the final stretch of Big Brother (Telefe)

As it was, the first to go to the confessional was Delfina, Virginia’s daughter. With the satisfaction of having won a house days ago, the young woman sat on the couch and followed her mother’s strategy. “I wanted to thank everyone for voting, I am very happy, with an incredible prize and I left the leadership to mom. I’m going to continue with the strategy she is doing. I’m going to vote for Nicolás and Bautista“said the comedian’s daughter during her last minutes at home. Then it was the turn of Rage, who entered with a serious and tired expression. “I’m going to vote by strategy, I’m going to vote for two originals, so all the strong ones enter. I consider that the leader’s job is going to be to introduce someone new. So my two votes are for Emmanuel and one for Martín. I think it’s going to be a mess, I hope five or six of us get in,” he began by saying to advance his strategy.

Then, the stuntwoman told how she feels and highlighted the difficult situation she is in: “Just as I played with a group of four women, today I was left alone inside the house. My game is unique, I am very passionate, a strategic person, I am furious and that is why I am sanctioned. Let’s see if I have the possibility to continue further. I’m playing alone, I feel very pressured inside the house, as if he had the power of something. I have no possibility of having information from outside like many here have, that’s why I feel lost.”

Big Brother gave the players a harsh warning (Telefe)

Currently, Fury made a truce with Immanuel, the player he had faced last week. In this way, Juliana set her next goal on the “newest players”: Florencia and Virginia. Since the comedian won the leadership, and therefore immunity until the following week, the stuntwoman seeks to remove Nicolás’ partner. Meanwhile, the blonde will try to modify the badge to get one of the Bro’s to leave the game.

Moments later it was the turn of the comedian, who began by thanking Big Brother for the possibility of sharing this experience with her daughter: “It was beautiful to have her, a total injection of energy to get to where I am, which I hope will be the final. Very grateful to you for being able to enter, very grateful to my colleagues who treated her well, which was not all of them, but I thank those who did.”

The emotion of Virginia’s daughter after leaving the Big Brother house (Telefe)

Regarding the envy of the other players, upon seeing that her daughter had won the house, Virginia responded in the confessional: “I would say that if the house had been won by Facu (Martín’s friend) I would be happy too. But no, I think not everyone was happy. I’m going to try to take advantage of the leadership to manage the plate, with the rise and fall, if there are no surprises. Let’s see if I can get people to leave.”

For his part, Emmanuel voted for Bautista and Nicolás. Darius to Nicholas and the Baptists. The Uruguayan nominated Darío and the hairdresser. El Chino targeted the car salesman and Florencia. Nicolás to Emmanuel and Dario. And finally, Florencia gave her votes to Bautista and Martín. It should be remembered that Furia continues to appear after her sanction weeks ago and that Zoe, upon leaving her house, left two votes for Chino.

In this way, the final vote left six players on board: Furia, Bautista (9), Nicolás (7), Darío (5), Emmanuel (5), Martín (5). Florencia received only one vote, however that does not make her safe from the next elimination gala. In that sense, at the end of the program, Santiago del Moro communicated with the players and informed them of the situation: “Juli is already nominated, Florencia is not nominated, the rest of the house, all on board. “Virginia, tomorrow you will have to raise someone.”

The situation forces Virginia to go up to Florencia on the plate, which is why, when the young woman found out, she said: “I am never not nominated.”

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