Martín Ku’s girlfriend had surgery and told all the details

Martín Ku’s girlfriend had surgery and told all the details
Martín Ku’s girlfriend had surgery and told all the details

María del Rosario Sosa, the girlfriend of Martin Ku from Big Brother, decided to undergo an aesthetic touch-up that left his followers speechless due to his great change. The young woman, known by her nickname Marisol, appeared in a streaming, with her new appearance and she told the details of the surgery that she had performed during the absence of her boyfriend.

The English translator is one of the people who has most supported El Chino in his entry into the Big Brother house and, after becoming a content creator on his social networks, he decided to fulfill one of the wishes he had since he was Just a girl: she had surgery that completely changed her face.

“Why are you shitting your eyes?” Gastón Trezeguet asked her, when he welcomed her to the program Se Picó, which is broadcast on República Z. “I had a nose job and I’m recovering, I’m almost there, but Now I look regal,” the young woman confessed about the touch-up that was done on her face.

What Martín Ku’s girlfriend said about his surgery

The young woman appeared with her new image and showed the incredible result. “Have you always thought about getting a nose job, or did you take advantage now that you have a lot of exposure?” Gastón asked when he noticed María del Rosario’s aesthetic touch-up. “When she was little she wanted to do it for me, my parents were going to pay for it, but she was always kind of afraid,” he confessed.

And furthermore, she clarified that her boyfriend always knew of her desire to undergo surgery to modify the shape of her nose. “Martín always knew that he wanted to do it to me,” she said about the conversations she had with her partner, before joining Big Brother. “I was going to have surgery in February, but since the Frozen thing happened, I had to postpone it,” she clarified.

After Alfa told her that the participant was not going to recognize her when she left the contest, she reacted: “I feel like I’m the same, only now I’m bruised and swollen. He’s going to tell me ‘hey, you didn’t wait for me to I will take care of you and accompany you in the process.’ But he always knew that I wanted to have surgery.”

marisol girlfriend martin ku.jpg

This is how Martín Ku’s girlfriend from Big Brother looked, after undergoing a cosmetic touch-up.

Martín Ku’s girlfriend’s response to criticism from haters

Martín Ku is one of the most beloved participants of Big Brother and from the outside, his girlfriend Marisol became a very important pillar for him. After entering the Frozen challenge, the young woman became the center of criticism for alleged infidelity and, without a filter, she came out to respond to the haters.

María del Rosario Sosa Unzaga is involved in a scandal, after messages emerged on X that accuse her of being unfaithful to the participant, popularly known as El Chino, with another young man at a party. The contestant’s girlfriend was very upset after her relationship with Martín was questioned and she put an end to the speculation with a strong message.

“You’re hanging on to Chino’s fame, baby, make a change,” a user expressed in a private message and, tired, she responded to the Internet user: “Here’s another drink that has nothing better to do than distill shit.” The user confronted her for using the fame of her boyfriend, who is in Big Brother, and assured her that she was going to leave her when she left the reality show.

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