What Coti Romero said after Furia’s insults against her body

What Coti Romero said after Furia’s insults against her body
What Coti Romero said after Furia’s insults against her body

Thursday, June 6, 2024


It is more than known that one of the great enemies of Coti Romero’s show business is Rage. Their confrontation in Big Brother made them hate each other to death and it seems that there is no return.

A few days ago, the Corrientes native returned to the most famous house in Argentina. The idea of ​​her return was to excite the participants still in the game and also nominate them.

Obviously Juliana Scaglione He didn’t take the blonde’s visit well. For that reason, he began to insult her from head to toe when he saw her. Although he was watching her from a television and not face to face.

As soon as the cutler entered through the front door of the reality show, the personal trainer denigrated her to the hilt. One of the most unpleasant comments she said was: “she is more morrudita.”

After listening to her and analyzing the situation, Coti responded: “When I heard the atrocities that were said, it didn’t bother me, but because it didn’t surprise me.”

“She had been doing it for a long time but luckily, people were able to see it live and direct. She said a lot of things about all of us. She has that thing where she tells you nice things and then kills you,” he added.

And Romero added: “It’s a downer because of the amount of things he says in a widely watched program. Each person will take what identifies him. For me, nothing of what he said identified me.”

“I’m not going to play the saint because we all make mistakes and at some point, I’ve said things that weren’t good. But I’m learning and it would be nice if when she comes out, she realizes all of this,” she concluded.

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