Summary of episode 50 of season 4

This week on ‘Brothers’, Ömer found himself on the brink of death, tied to a chair in the pool, slowly losing consciousness. Fortunately, Süse arrived just in time to rescue the young man from a tragic fate. Once recovered, Ömer reported the attempted murder to the police and expressed his sincere gratitude to Süse for saving his life. The Eren family threw themselves into caring for Ömer after the terrible and distressing event.


Fatma and Sengül lost their jobs in ‘Hermanos’

Elsewhere, Sevval left her house and was almost hit by a motorist. Despite her initial anger, her anger dissipated when she discovered that the driver was her nephew, Ayaz. Laughing, Sevval received him affectionately. Sarp and Yasmin came out to welcome their cousin, who would stay to live with them for a while. Ayaz explained that her mother had considered that a change of scenery would be beneficial and what better place than to be with her family. Sevval assured Ayaz that, since she was now the owner of Ataman College, there would be no problems for her to enroll.

Meanwhile, Fatma and Sengül were involved in a heated argument in the middle of the club, prompting Yaman to intervene. He warned that if they continued to behave that way, he would be forced to fire them. Additionally, Eren’s cousins ​​and his friends took steps to ensure Principal Burak’s return to his position at the school.

Süreyya and Yaman surprised Akif in ‘Brothers’


Elsewhere, Ogulcan persisted in his attempt to conquer Elif and seemed to have succeeded. The young woman confessed her love for her schoolmate and agreed to be her girlfriend, which filled Ogulcan with happiness. Meanwhile, Süreyya and Yaman surprised Akif and Nebahat by announcing that they were planning to get married. Akif was taken aback when he saw that Yaman had proposed to Süreyya. after showing interest in Süzan. For their part, Ogulcan and Fatma found an old man on the street and, upon opening his pillows, they discovered thousands of liras hidden inside.

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