These would be the Alert conditions to return to the program. Very demanding?

The popular comedian revealed in an interview, what would be the changes that the Caracol program would have to make for him to be on this again.

A large number of comedians have participated in Sábados Felices, who have been key to the success of the program. However, many of them are no longer in this popular Caracol production. There are even those who have left it and have had certain legal disputes, which they have won. In this combo we must include Alerta or Juan Ricardo Lozano, who also became known for his character in the bone counter. Without a doubt, this man was part of a very good era of the Saturday program. Although years have passed, he does not rule out returning to the program, although of course, it would be under certain conditions.

Only then would Alerta return to Sábados Felices; There are several conditions

The comedians of the program are the ones who best know what happens behind the scenes. Alerta was one of those who experienced first-hand everything that we viewers do not see. Surely, that is why in an interview with The Viral Networkrevealed what the conditions are to be able to be part of Happy Saturdays. First of all, Juan Ricardo commented that he would return if the recording schedules became more humane. But this was not the only thing the comedian commented. He also commented that he would return to the Caracol program if relations with the extras become better; He said the same thing regarding the relationships between fellow program members. But the conditions do not end there.

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Likewise, Alerta stated that it would return if the treatment of the public that is going to record becomes more understanding. Several points that, if you think about it, more than conditions, are improvements that would greatly help comedians. However, Ricardo is aware that Happy Saturdays It is not going through its best moment and today it is very fallen. A reality that is reflected in the program’s audience levels every weekend. Likewise, he assured that people today are very individualistic and only tune in to the program to see their favorite comedians and then change it.

Of course, this is not the only thing that has noticeably affected the Caracol program. The new consumption dynamics have changed a lot and all this has affected Colombian television in general. Nowadays, weekends are very hard and the ratings tend to drop quite a bit these days.

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