Alfredo Redes praises Mafe Walker for her physical change

Alfredo Redes praises Mafe Walker for her physical change
Alfredo Redes praises Mafe Walker for her physical change

Each week, the contestants They face physical and emotional challenges that test their resilience. and strategy. Eliminations increase anxiety, keeping both contestants and spectators on edge, nervously awaiting the announcement of their fate.

This time, however, campaign managers are stealing the show. Among them are Miguel Bueno, Ornella Sierra and now Mafe Walker, who has captured Alfredo’s interest.

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Alfredo Redes and Mafe Walker had a pleasant conversation in one of the spaces of the house. The two influencers discussed various topics, but the man from Cartagena did not miss the opportunity to tell the content generator how pretty she looked.

During the conversation, Alfredo asked Walker if any changes had been made because she looked better and renewed, to which Mafe She told him that she had done some work on her hair when she left the competition: “You look super different, nicer,” Alfredo assured Mafe Walker.

Alfredo Redes’ words brought a smile to Mafe Walker, who responded in the best way to the member of the top 5, thanking him and telling him that he felt different.

For his part, the influencer from Cartagena told Mafe Walker that Being locked up for so long has exhausted them. and that every time someone leaves and comes back, they do so arriving totally renewed.

In addition, Alfredo and the former participant talked about the little time left to the culmination of the program and the Cartagena native’s plans when he comes out to real life: “To enjoy the harvest”, Mafe told the influencer.

The member of the top 5 He is very anxious for the final stretch of the game and for sharing again with his family, especially with his son Isaías, whom he has managed to see only by video call.

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He also told the former participant the emotion he felt when seeing his girlfriend and when the Boss gave them the news that they would stay the night and spend more time inside the most famous house in the world. This was one of the best surprises he received during the reality show.

If you don’t want to miss any details about the members of the top 5 and the campaign managers within the competition, tune in to ‘The House of the Famous’ at 9 pm on the RCN Channel and enjoy 24-hour live access through the ViX app.

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