Relive the best moments of chapter 50 of Desafío XX | News today

Relive the best moments of chapter 50 of Desafío XX | News today
Relive the best moments of chapter 50 of Desafío XX | News today

Follow the details of chapter 50 of Challenge XX here

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In 2024, Caracol’s original entertainment format turns 20 and for this new season, it brought together a technical team of more than 200 professionals on location, including assembly, design, construction and painting, production, transportation, and food personnel. , art team, content and production, direction, makeup and costume artists, security and health services.

The winners will be a man and a woman, and during the competition there will be more than US$400 thousand in prizes. Follow below minute by minute:

Omega hands the sentencing vest to Beta’s Darlyn.

Omega wins the Prize and Punishment Challenge

Tatiana, Omega’s competitor of the week, wins the Prize and Punishment Challenge. The team and the challenger take six million pesos.

Alpha receives the punishment, which consists of splitting firewood.

Tania, from Omega, takes the lead, behind her is Tatiana from Beta, and the playing court is closed by Nahomy, from Alpha.

The competition begins in which each player must go through an obstacle course.

The teams choose the challenger of the week

For today’s challenge, competitors choose their challengers of the week. Alpha chose Nahomy, who is a housewife from Timbiquí. Omega selected Tatiana, a native of Bogotá, who works as a lawyer. And finally, Beta stayed with Tania, who is also from the country’s capital and works as a nursing assistant.

Chapter 50 begins

The competitors analyze and talk about their strategy for this day of competition. The Prize, Punishment and Sentence Challenge will be developed.

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