The abyss of Euphoria: the unknowns regarding a confirmed third season | TV and Show

The abyss of Euphoria: the unknowns regarding a confirmed third season | TV and Show
The abyss of Euphoria: the unknowns regarding a confirmed third season | TV and Show

On Sunday, February 27, 2022, the last episode of Euphoria was broadcast, the HBO series that left an open ending for a third season that promised like no other series in the last decade.

However, it was speculated that in 2024 we would already be enjoying new chapters, however, in 2023 the writers’ strike came, then the actors joined in and the project began to be delayed.

Things for Euphoria have changed radically in two years and they still can’t sit down for a table read, which becomes something that is increasingly complex for the cast and crew.

Although this week new news came out about it, with Max executives talking about the company’s new projects, where new plans for Euphoria and a third season were slipped.


Euphoria: the tragedy before the third season

The end of the last season of Euphoria was not wasted. While Lexi was presenting her play to a packed theater with Rue, Julie, Nate and Cassie, who was collapsing watching her sister’s creation, one of the saddest moments of the Max series took place elsewhere.

Fezco, who was ready to accompany Rue in her debut as director of the theater group, gets into a shootout with the police, who wound Ashtray, his younger “brother.”

Until then, things remain open for a third season that promised more drama with the love triangles between Rue, Julie and Elliot, or Cassie, Maddie and Nate.

A future that can be terrifying for Rue, played by Zendaya, who must face her demons, those in her conscience and the real ones.

But also, they were expected to develop the story of Fezco, a character who managed to take his place in the series, especially in his relationship with Lexi, the younger sister of the Howard family.

And it is precisely this story that fans will most regret that will probably not be developed, considering that almost a year ago, Angus Cloud, passed away, which left the cast without one of its main actors.

The tragedy is one more of all the situations that have occurred in the last two years with the team of the series from the production company A24, which represent a danger to the correct development of the third season of Euphoria.

What’s up with Sam Levinson?

Although Euphoria is one of Max’s most successful series, it is not without controversy, starting with its creator, Sam Levinson.

The director of the series has also had controversies for several years that are directly associated with his masculine and sexualizing view of women in his productions.

In the case of Euphoria, it is Sydney Sweeney, who began to question why her character had so many nude scenes, which in the opinion of the actress herself were not justified, commented Esquire.

Something that was repeated with Miga Kelly and former porn actress Chloe Cherry, who plays Faye. Levinson asked the latter to star in a full nude on her first day on set, but it was her co-star Tyler Chase who raised his hand to prevent it, noting that he felt it was too much.

In all cases, the director agreed with the actress, which makes many question why, if he can’t have nudity, he insists on putting them in the script. An opinion that is exacerbated when it comes to The Idol, the series that came after Euphoria, whose episodes did not even manage to be broadcast.

However, the most important controversy was with Barbie Ferreira, the actress who plays Kat. It was rumored that she left the set after arguing with Levinson, although she later denied it herself, commented El Español.

The actress did state, “Sam writes about things he can relate to, and I don’t think he can relate to Kat,” adding, “I really wanted to not have to be the fat best friend.” That leaves in doubt whether or not there was a real discussion on set.

The change in the actors

When the last season of Euphoria ended, one of the reasons why its next edition took so long was the agenda of Zendaya, one of the most sought-after actresses of her generation.

That was in 2022, but in 2024 a large part of the cast are actors coveted by the big studios.

Such is the case of Sydney Sweeney, who created her own production company to make her films, which keeps her at the top of the box office after releasing “Anyone but You” and “Inmaculada”, although she has many more projects in the pipeline.

The same for Jacob Elordi, the boy from “My First Kiss” was in the hits Saltburn, Priscilla and is already in the post-production of Frankenstein with Guillermo del Toro.

Hunter Schafer and Maude Apatow also had rises in their careers, which keeps them on the front line of Hollywood.

Something that unfortunately does not happen with Alexa Demie, who almost completely disappeared from public events and social networks, indicated El País.

The young woman only closed one project on her agenda, “Fantasmas”, the series that premiered a week ago and passes without pain or glory.

A jump in time, with actors confirmed for the third season of Euphoria

Despite everything, the third season seems to be on its way, although things would turn out differently for Euphoria.

Max executives Casey Bloys and JB Perrette told Variety that the third season was confirmed and would return with the series’ original cast, as well as Sam Levinson’s writing.

It is Bloys who confirms the creator stating, “Sam (Levinson) is working on it. There’s been a lot of back and forth… One of the problems I think Sam is thinking about is that he doesn’t want to have it in high school anymore. That’s where he set himself and what made sense to him then.”

He went on to note, “So when you take it out of that, there’s a lot of back and forth about where to set it and how far in the future to set it and all that. But I think he has a vision that excites him and he is busy writing.”

In this way, there is no doubt that the series will come with a new proposal that can only be seen in 2025 and not before, because in addition to obtaining a new script, the series will come with all its stars, who will have to organize themselves to leave their projects and return to the origin of their successful careers, Euphoria.

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