The time Natalia, from Desafío XX, acted in Jessi Uribe’s video


The participant was a model for a music video of the renowned singer.

In addition to the difficult tests that the participants face, ‘The XX Challenge’ usually becomes a topic of conversation because of what happens in the competition.

The challengers have experienced fights, love affairs and more controversies in each of the houses, however, one of the most popular in recent days has been the infidelity scandal starring Natalia and Kevyn from the Alpha team.

Although Kevyn tried to maintain only a friendship with his Natalia and on several occasions he let the woman know that he was a committed man, In recent days they gave free rein to their attraction.

The above made the two challengers the target of criticism from hundreds of Internet users, who They reproach their behavior and brand them as unfaithful.

The above is because, although outside of the competition Kevyn has a girlfriend and a son, he ended up getting involved with his partner, being seen sleeping together and more.

The infidelity scandal within the competition made The model became a photo that attracted the attention of millions of Internet users.s and will arouse interest in knowing more about her.

Natalia acted in Jessi Uribe’s music video

Due to the above, in the last few social networks they revived a video in which The woman was a model for a popular music video clip.

It was about the song ‘Demalas’ by the renowned singer Jessi Uribe, where Natalia looked very attractive in a tiny black satin dress.

Although the young woman only appears in a small scene, in this one she appears broken down in tears. regretting having lost a love after being unfaithfulHe, well, in the song Jessi Uribe sings to a woman who cheated on her partner, telling her that there is nothing more to fix.

In addition to Natalia, other former ‘Desafío’ participants take part in the video clip, including Sara Velásquez and Byron Riveros.

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