The five moments that marked the end of love and the beginning of hate


The scene of Monday night in Big Brother (Telefe) will show a versus unexpected for this edition of reality: Juliana “Furia” Scaglione will face Martín “Chino” Ku. Fans of the show, especially “furious” and the “Chinese team”, have been, for a week, facing death. Thus, the members of each fandom moved on the networks and the most repeated phrases, in the last 24 hours, were “Juliana to 9009” and “Martín to 9009.”

Martin Ku vs. Fury: they wanted to be allies but tensions led them to opposite paths

The young man, leader of the week par excellence, and the stuntwoman traveled a turbulent path in the most famous house that It took them from friendship and fidelity to fights, shouting and hatred. How was their story in the game, which is making them television icons and generating repercussions for six months.

Martín Ku had a clear breakup with Furia: when he leaned toward his girlfriend and challenged her during a family visit

Juliana Scaglione She was always against and isolated from the rest of the participants. With very few of them she formed a sincere relationship and, in fact, she always ended up confronting them to eliminate them from the game. However, at the beginning of the competition, she seemed like the stuntwoman recognized strong potential in Martín Ku.

It was for this reason that, in a desperate opportunity for the other participants, Furia waited for the player and allowed him, only him, to attend to the red phone It was like this their friendship was forged and the young man managed to strengthen his relationship with the leader of the “furious.”

Food in the house Big Brother is substantial and a matter of discussion, especially when it comes to sweets or sweets. Along these lines, on one occasion, Juliana took the ice cream that was in the freezer of the house to herself, but Martín couldn’t stand it and challenged her for the first time.

Martín Ku and Furia even fought over who ate the ice cream

This was one of the first confrontations in the competition, due to minor issues, which determined the direction of the relationship little brothers to future.

As the months go by, the 2023/2024 edition became the most extensive of Big Brother in Argentina. In this way, it is logical for the participants to become friends after the conflict. It was like this Fury assumed his main objective and he opened up to Martín: “When I arrived, you were my opponent. “Now, I want to kiss you.”

Martín Ku and Furia fight hand in hand on a plate that smells like the end of Big Brother

Thus, the little brothers They went through a stage of support, playing together and calm in the most famous house. They planned the competition in their favor, eliminated participants and determined that the “Bros” team, made up of Martín, Bautista and Nicolás, wanted to reach the final with Juliana. But This pact saw its end shortly after.

Martin Ku vs. Fury, hand in hand in Big Brother: from love to hate, the strongest moments between both participants

In the last times, the House of Big Brother received couples and families of the players. This is how El Chino reunited with his partner, who is his main support outside of him. As expected, Maria del Rosario She has a strong and decisive personality that, since her arrival, made her clash with Juliana.

Marisol and Martín Ku, the most popular couple on Big Brother

Unexpected for fans, who believed that the friends would play together until the end, the brotherhood was broken when Fury attacked Marisol. Martín did not let it pass him by, he defended his girlfriend and let her leave in advance so that she would not suffer from Furia’s harassment.

Martín Ku's tremendous reaction to Furia after criticizing his girlfriend: they met face to face and told each other everything

According to the debate programs of and users on social networks, Fury managed to “kill” all the enemies that stood in his way. Lisandro, Catalina and Virginia were some of the most relevant and that is why the public believes that the stunt double is able to eliminate Martín from the game, one of the candidates best prepared to fight for this final competition.

⭒Martin At 9009 In

This Saturday, the nominees dinner for participants who are on the plate. In addition to the protagonists of this story, there are also Emmanuel and Baptist. However, these players were overshadowed by the imminent fight between Furia and Martín.

Insults, shouts and disrespect: Martín Ku and Furia knew how to deepen their hatred to levels never seen before

Although both sides lead a strong campaign to eliminate their favorite’s respective opponent, Martín Ku has a great chance of being kicked out of the house Big Brother. This is because Juliana Scaglione has a powerful group of people who support her and want to see her win this controversial edition.

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