Big Brother and an epic night: how the reality show that faces Martín Ku and “Furia” continues today

This Monday, Big Brother prepares for an epic elimination gala: among the participants the five finalists are defined from the reality of Telefewhich is estimated It will be next July 7. The eyes are set on Martín Ku, the Viedma participantand Juliana «Fury»the two strongest players that tonight they define their permanence.

In this context of high voltage, Santiago del Moro revealed how Big Brother continues in the coming weeks, as the host of the Telefe reality show he knows minute by minute of coexistence and what will happen shortly in the most successful prime time television program.

Big Brother is heading towards the final: how the Telefe reality show continues

Santiago del Moro anticipated this Monday How life goes on in Big Brotherafter tonight in a elimination gala That will live like a final. “Going to define the final, the best five. Then we have Tuesday again program» explained the Telef reality show hostand.

«Gala on Wednesday and we just return at the Gala on Sunday. He Sunday the 7th the winner of the house comes outhe Monday, July 8 is the last program, which is three weeks away today. That same day we do note with the winners and then the party and toast take place with everyone” he explained Santiago del Moro about the final of Big Brother.

Regarding the elimination gala from this Monday, Santiago del Moro anticipated that “We’ll see who leaves today (on Monday). For tonight, there is a voting record, millions and millions of votes. Are early finals, as happened with Virginia» he told Big Brother host about the definition hand in hand between Martín Ku and Juliana «Furia».

This Monday’s Big Brother nominees list

After the definition of Dario, the leader of the weekit is estimated that the plate will be defined between Martín Kuthe participant of Viedmaand Juliana «Fury»nominated until the end of Big Brother for violating the rules of the Telefe reality show.

Along with them, too They debate the possibility of leaving Emmanuel Vitch, ally of «Fury» during this competition, and Bautista, part of the “Bro” and friend of the “Chinese”. Left out of the nominations were Dario and Nicolás.

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