One of the best series of all time will end in season 2! – Series News

One of the best series of all time will end in season 2! – Series News
One of the best series of all time will end in season 2! – Series News

Netflix has confirmed the definitive end of this authentic gem of animation.

Released on November 6, 2021, this Netflix series took everyone by surprise. It has a perfect 100% approval on the portal Rotten Tomatoes and with only nine episodes it left all fans fascinated.

Set in the universe of the League of Legends video game, Arcane became a sensation after its release. Its story takes place in a steampunk universe, where two cities are in conflict: one (Piltover) represents wealth and modernity, while the other (Zaun) symbolizes poverty and crime. Involved against their will in a conflict that surpasses them, Two sisters will go their separate ways, becoming mortal enemies by force of circumstances.

After three years of waiting we will finally have a second season of the acclaimed French-American animated production. However, as good as this sounds, The announcement ended up carrying bad news that surely not many people will take kindly.

It will be in November of this year when Arcane – Season 2 arrives on Netflix, but unfortunately for fans of the series this will be the last season we have. The decision was made by the creators of the show, in order to respect the original story arc of the characters. The positive aspect of this is that at least, in the future, we won’t have filler episodes or unnecessarily long stories.

In any case, there is still a little light at the end of the tunnel, as Netflix also confirmed that, although Arcane will not have a third season, the universe of the series will continue to expand with new productions. This way this will not be a definitive goodbye, but just a “see you soon.” Did you get to see Arcane? What did you think of the popular animated show?

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