The great controversy of ‘The Chosen’. Season 4 angers fans with the tragic ending of its third episode

The great controversy of ‘The Chosen’. Season 4 angers fans with the tragic ending of its third episode
The great controversy of ‘The Chosen’. Season 4 angers fans with the tragic ending of its third episode

Dallas Jenkins explains the painful twist in the Jesus of Nazareth series

It seems that ‘The House of the Dragon’ is not the only series with twists that we are seeing these weeks. And it is that the season 4 of ‘The Chosen’, the story of the adventures and miracles of Jesus of Nazareth and the disciples, recently released what they already announced as its “most controversial episode so far.” And is not for less. Of course, spoilers from here on..

We are talking about the outcome of the third episode of the season, titled ‘moon in blood‘. An unexpected tragedy has happened there when, in the middle of a crowd, the Roman Quintus (Brandon Potter) accidentally stabs Ramah (Yasmine Al-Bustami)killing her on the spot.

An unexpected and devastating death Tomas (Joey Vahedi). However, the tragedy is even greater when he asks for help Jesus (Jonathan Roumie) to cure or resurrect her and he claims that now is not the time. A response that has been little or not understood by a good sector of the series’ viewers.


So it didn’t take long for angry fans to come out amid proclamations that “they have gone too far” and voices that accused of not being biblical (as if the rest of ‘The Chosen’ were 100% what appears in the Gospels). In fact, Dallas Jenkins himself, creator of the series, has been very aware of the blisters that this twist was going to cause.

“The team members didn’t know how to process this”Jenkins said talking about this scene, which was written not for the purpose of shocking viewers but with certainty “purpose and intention”. In fact, as is usual, this chapter opens with a prologue from the Old Testament that serves as a parallel to what we are going to see next.

Specifically, they chose to open the fragment of Second Book of Samuel in which after crying and praying for the health of his dying son, David, seeing that he has finally died, calmly gets up. As Jenkins explains in the “Aftershow”:

«David prayed to God and the baby was lost. Bathsheba said, “How can you be okay now? How can you recover from this?” AND [David] such as “I asked and said no.” And she “Why does he answer some prayers and not others?” AND [David] He says, “I never understood it, but this is faith… in the good and the handy I adore it.”»

On the other hand, the writer and director of the series assures that, although it may seem unbiblical, there are other examples in the Gospels in which Jesus does not heal; others in which lack of faith means that they cannot perform miracles; and that he only performs the resurrection of the dead a couple of times.

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