What was the attack on Cata like – GENTE Online

What was the attack on Cata like – GENTE Online
What was the attack on Cata like – GENTE Online

This Tuesday night there was a very particular elimination gala in Big Brother (Telefe). It is that, to the surprise of many, Juliana Rage Scaglione He had to leave the house by public vote. This generated the anger of his fans, many of whom caused a loud scandal when the channel left. And one of the former participants who experienced a difficult moment was Catalina Gorostidi.

Although the elimination gala is normally on Sunday, this time they decided to divide it into two. Therefore, in the first edition, the least voted, Bautista and Emmanuel, dropped from the plate, and it was head to head between Furia and Martín. Finally, on Monday it was confirmed that The one eliminated was Juliana, with 62.4% of the negative votes.

From the moment the news broke, fans of the now former player They expressed their anger on the platform. “Fury is Big Brother“, his followers shouted through tears, while the rest sang: “The Bros united, they will never be defeated.”

And the moment Furia entered the studio, true to form, she began encouraging the crowd to shout louder, and enjoyed her time in the studio like a winner. Quickly They had to cut the transmission due to the lack of control that was generated by his presence.

Juliana Rage Scaglione entering the studio Big Brother after its elimination.

However, this did not end there, since during the early morning several videos of Telefe’s departure with Fury fans attacking Catalina and Manzana. What’s more, in one of the footage that was released you can see the ambush that the coach’s followers carried out on the ex-little brothers, very angry.

“When Cata comes out, break that whole car”, shouted the furious ones, as Juliana’s followers call themselves. They could also be heard threatening Gorostidi saying: “I’m going to cut your entire face off.” From what was known, it was not only screams, but when Cata and Manzana came out they started throwing stones at their vehicles.

Several of the messages with information about what would have happened upon leaving G.H..

A few minutes after the gala ended, when the former participants wanted to leave the canal with their cars, Zoe uploaded a story to her Instagram of the moment they told her what was happening outside. “They are throwing stones“, they told the former player, who could not hide her surprise at the news.

Faced with what happened, Catalina announced on her X account: “Attack at the Telefe exit, I crashed my truck“. Then, very indignant, the former participant stated: “Neither forgetting nor forgiveness“In this way, the former player confirmed everything that was said in the last few hours, about the difficult moment she experienced upon leaving Big Brotherafter the elimination of Fury.

Catalina Gorostidi revealed what happened when she left Big Brother.
Catalina Gorostidi’s anger at what she had to experience.

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