Gaspar chooses between giving money to her team or benefiting herself: this is how they react at Omega

Gaspar, a member of Omega, arrives at the BetPlay World with host Mafe Aristizábal to test his luck; This is why after playing, they offer to exchange the money for a computer valued at six million pesos.

The 22 year old model does not hesitate for a second to accept the barterbecause he believes that his team is “old“. When she gets home, she is honest with her classmates and they congratulate her, because they understand that the money she won did not represent something valuable if it was divided among the five of them.
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Alejo asks Gaspar to reflect on his relationship with his rivals

Alejo approaches Gaspar and tries to make him see that she was manipulated by Mapi, since everyone decided to agree to her requests when they had the power to choose one of the Super Humans who would be at risk.

In turn, she tells her partner that her body is asking her to rest, but that she knows that she will be able to vindicate herself on the slopes to come.

Who did Gaspar attend El Cubo with in Desafío 2024?

Gaspar was surprised to see Mapi in El Cubo, but he was excited to be able to spend time with his partner at the beginning of Desafío 2024. There the Alpha member took the opportunity to talk to him about the alliances that have been emerging within the reality show of the Colombians.
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Because of this, he proposed that in the cycle of women that was about to arrive, they take care of themselves and only sentence those they consider less strong, so she responded that this is a decision they have to make as a team.

Despite everything, he did explain that Omega’s problem is directly with Karen, because they consider that everything bad comes from her, which is why they had the intention of putting the Sentence Vest on him, since they did not agree with him going that far. in the competition without going through the Black Box.
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