the controversial decision of Nicolás’s family that puts Los Bro in check

the controversial decision of Nicolás’s family that puts Los Bro in check
the controversial decision of Nicolás’s family that puts Los Bro in check

“We were talking to Nico’s family and friends and we want to inform you that, with great pain, we decided to go for Bauti on this plate.”they informed all the fans at the start.

Nicolas family against Bautista GH.jpg

And they explained: “We knew this was going to happen and we didn’t want this moment to come. We predicted that the only way to get a Bro out is by putting together this badge. In this instance, it is no longer about personal issues but just a game. We hope you understand. We want them”.

But it seems that after a few hours, the parents of Grosman They repented and chose not to campaign, so they withdrew the request to vote for the Uruguayan, leaving the election according to the free conscience of each one.

This was made known in a new Instagram Story, where they published the new ad acknowledging that this is a “very difficult plate” for the bros. They then reported: “After talking again with family, friends, fandoms and former little brothers, We made the decision that it is best not to go for any. “Let each person’s fandom decide who they want to stay in the house. We hope they understand”they concluded.

Nico Grosman’s family no longer against Bautista – GH2023.jpeg

The end of Los Bro: who is leaving Big Brother 2023 this Sunday

After the commotion generated by the elimination of Juliana “Furia” Scaglione of Big Brother 2023the five participants nominated for the last time and Emma Vich He made up the final plate after becoming the leader of the week.

At a special gala, Santiago del Moro revealed that Darío Martínez Corti, Martin “the Chinese” Ku and Nicolas Grosman They were the nominated participants of the week. But Emma he had to go up to the plate Bautista Mascia (his only possible move) and saved Dario.

This way, The Bros -as they call themselves- are the ones who must decide their permanence in the Telefe reality show and the public must choose which member of the group that was formed as soon as the program began will not be in the final.

And as usual, the analyst The debate of Big Brother, Gaston Trezeguetlaunched a survey on their social networks to predict who could be the next eliminated.

Until now, Nicholas He is the candidate most likely to be eliminated on Sunday, with 53% of the votes against him. Martin follows closely with 43%. Lastly, and without any worry, Baptist gets 4%.

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