Furia published his first message on social networks after his departure from Big Brother

Juliana Furia Scaglione generated countless scandals during his participation in Big Brother (Telefe). The participant, who was eliminated last Tuesday, continues to spark controversies outside the most famous house in the country. In the last few hours, information was leaked about an alleged complaint that her sister would make to the production of the program.

In this context, Fury did his thing again. After the forced isolation, the former participant recovered her cell phone and shared her first message on her social networks.

“First story after six months without a cell phone, without contact with the outside, without knowing anything about the outside, being a Joker player. God, what emotion,” she began by expressing. “I love all the love they give me, all this is very strong for me. “So strong that I have no words to describe what I feel,” she added in her first post in months.

In relation to his followers, he commented: “They are so great, to think that I spoke to a camera every day without knowing that they existed. I owe all this to my sister Coy, Rubí, my sister-in-law, to Rocío and to you, always! !”.

“Now I am in a protocol period to gradually recover and adapt to life, to that life that is real, the one that we all live. The reality of this was and is the most important moment of my personal life at 33 years old” , he commented. “Furious attack! Soon we are going to celebrate this madness. Let’s have a lot of fun together, and soon I will upload all the letters, gifts and other things that you brought me. Because now the gifts are coming for you, I owe it to the public and that’s how it will be “, he claimed.

Finally, he thanked all the people who made his entry possible: “I love this reality show so much, you and I made it possible, and those who found me. Huge thanks Gabi and Yani, thanks Karina, thanks cameramen, thanks sound, editing, Thank you immensely. Thank you GH Argentina. Furious, however, this is not over, this is just beginning, thank you.”

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