How was Furia and Cristian U’s private chat to compete who was the best in Big Brother?

Sunday, June 23, 2024


This year’s edition had more fights than love, and the vast majority of those encounters featured the most controversial player, Julia Scaglionethe last one eliminated from Big Brother 2024.

Two weeks before the grand final, only “the Chinese” Martín Ku, Bautista Mascia, Nicolás Grosman, belonging to the Bros group, and on the other hand Emmanuel Vich and Darío Martinez Corti, remain in the house, at least until tonight, now that one of the Bros will say goodbye because all three are in trouble.

Today a Bro leaves the most famous house

But on the outside the one that continues to make people talk is Rage and this time it is not because of a fight but because the winner of the 2011 edition of Big Brother, Christian U, communicated with her via WhatsApp. From minute one he declared himself even more furious, feeling challenged by Juliana’s game inside the house.

It is worth clarifying that Christianalong with their fandom, the Taliban, always supported Rage while she was participating in the reality show and now that she is outside the DJ I do not hesitate to contact her to create ties of friendship.

The long conversation between Cristian U and Furia

“Competing with Rage, to see who is more intense. Hahahaha A phenomenon,” he shared. Christian U in a post with the screenshot of the conversation he had via audio with Juliana via WhatsApp.

In the screenshot you can see that the winner of GH2011 sent him a 1.20 minute audio and then one of 49 seconds to which Juliana He responded with one that lasted almost 4 minutes with a followed text that said: “Sorry, it’s a lot, I hope you can hear it.”

He DJ Far from being offended, he doubled down and sent him a 6.17-minute audio with a written message that said: “cagat… mine is longer! hahaha”.

Christian She is currently in Europe, but she did not want to miss the elimination of her favorite player and posted in Rage, but in this type of game anything can happen. In any case, it cannot be denied that it provided a lot of content that is the soul of the program. Until the next edition. Hug”.

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