What happened in House of the Dragon 2, chapter 2? Who died?

What happened in House of the Dragon 2, chapter 2? Who died?
What happened in House of the Dragon 2, chapter 2? Who died?

The second chapter of is here The House of the Dragon in its season 2. Series that began with the entire weekend in one of the most controversial chapters and what gave us something to talk about in the series.

But the second episode comes with new deaths and especially reactions to the vile murder that was experienced at the premiere.

Attention! Spoilers for House of the Dragon 2 and the second episode follow.

Controversy was the death of first child of Aegon II and Helaena; in the eyes of his mother and Blood and Quesor, two clumsies who sought revenge after Daemon’s request; a son for a son.

But the changes in the series caused a lot of controversy and criticism, for not giving it the tension that the moment deserved. While others praised the episode and were more shocked by the new Alicent’s affair with Sir Criston Cole.

What happened in the second chapter of The House of the Dragon?

Much expectation for what was the Aegon’s reaction to the death of his young son, destroying everything and calling for a war; while Alicent is devastated by the child’s death and also the trauma Halaena suffered.

But this distance that we saw in the first chapter between the King and Otto Hightower intensifies furthers, since the Hand forces a caravan with the body of the boy Jaehaerys through Kings Landing; using the family’s pain to get the town to separate further from Rhaenyra.

We also know that Blood, the Golden Cloak who carried the order with the rat catcher to kill a sonwas captured in the same way as in the books: trying to escape through the Gate of the Gods with the head of Jaehaerys.

In the novel he was tortured for several days by Larys Strong, but here just by showing his torture instruments, this revealed everything. Making the difference that in the books he was a bloodthirsty and tough guy; but here as clumsy as the very act they committed. For later be killed by Aegon.

On the other side, Rhaenyra begins to distrust Daemon after the child’s death and they have a serious argument, due to the latter’s pretensions to rule, according to the Rightful Queen.

Rhaenyra and Daemon had another fight. Photo: Max

ThenCole manipulates Sir Arryk to go seek revenge again on Dragonstone, killing Rhaenyra Targaryen. When he enters he must do it like his twin, Sir Erryk, who rightly serves Rhaenyra.

We also see how another event from the books occurs: Aegon’s revenge after the death of his son. Since he did not know the name of the rat catcher, he killed everyone in the city. In the novel, we never know about Queso, but Here we see what one of those who hanged to death looks like.

Something that Otto did not like at all, who confronted Aegon for killing innocents and wasting the spectacle they had put on with the funeral to win over the people.

Discussion that led to the dismissal of Otto Hightower as Hand of the King and the position for Criston Cole. Sending Rhaenyra to kill was pleasing to the King; and amidst his inexperience, he named him as Otto’s replacement.

Who dies in House of the Dragon 2×02?

Arryk arrived at Dragonstone and almost managed to kill Rhaenyra, but Erryk was warned by Mysaria and arrived just to confront his brother. A tough battle in which ended up killing Arrykbut later committing suicide in front of his queen.

With Otto’s departure from Kings Landing, Alicent must comfort Aegon. While her strange relationship with Criston continues.

The brothers died together, after being born together. Photo: Max

What’s coming in the next chapter?

With Daemon having dark designs on his demise, War appears to be imminent. Along with the warning that if they face the dragons, it will be the end of them. The Dance of Dragons is getting closer.

The premiere of the third episode of House of the Dragon will be next Sunday June 30 at 9:00 p.m. Chile time.

Preview of the next chapter:

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