Pluto TV launches special programming today on several of its free channels

As other platforms and services related to television are doing, Pluto TV announces its plans for the LGTBIQA+ Pride celebration to become a event of great importance on its different channels. That way, you will be able to enjoy special content on different channels of the many available on the platform. And the best thing is that they will not be limited to series, but reality shows and thematic documentaries are also planned with content set in this celebration.

Programming from today

Pluto TV starts its thematic content from today, June 24, so you have the opportunity to be fully part of this celebration. For it, you can access the Catfish special on the channel of the same name, which will be made up entirely of episodes that are encompassed around the LGTBIQA+ theme. This special will remain active until June 30, so you have a good number of days during which to enjoy top-level content.

In all the episodes that are broadcast from today until Sunday the 30th, the central theme will be LGTBIQA+ love stories. As usual, Nev Schulman will be in charge of this space so that new couples are born who can enjoy love after having found each other online. Taking into account that MTV Catfish is one of the most popular channels from the Pluto TV schedule, it is clear that this is going to be a special that is highly followed by viewers.

Other content of the special programming

Next, take note, since on June 28th it will be your turn to enjoy another special. They will be hours of fun in which we can watch LGTBIQA+ content on the South Park channel. The famous animated series, one of the most rebellious in history of the small screen, has always had the most curious ways of delving into this type of content. The goal will be for International LGTBIQA+ Pride Day to be experienced in a fun, different and very irreverent way thanks to the adventures of the characters who star in this mythical series.

To give you an idea of ​​what is coming to you with Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny, you should know that the title of the special is South Park Comes Out of the Closet. This special will include some of the most legendary chapters of the theme among those that have been seen since the first season. How can we forget the classic episode in which Mr. Garrison has surgery to have the authentic appearance of the legendary David Hasselhoff? And, of course, there will be no shortage of episodes where we will have Butters in the foreground, a character who always gives a lot of play.

With the intention of finishing off the programming, Pluto TV has two other channels that are going to be perfect. The first is the pop-up channel MTV Pride, where music takes the leading role. The artists who are most closely linked to the LGTBIQA+ collective become the protagonists of this channel where we can have quality music without rest.

And on the other hand, You can’t miss the PRIDEtv channel either, where some of the best content related to this topic is broadcast. You have series like Krista’s Road to Eurovision, The General or Everything You Need, as well as reality shows like Queen of the Oilpatch. The channel also includes documentaries, among which you can see Harry Styles: The Finishing Touch.

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