a luxury twist on the ‘case of the week’

a luxury twist on the ‘case of the week’
a luxury twist on the ‘case of the week’

Inspired by classics like Colombo and It has written a crimebut with the budget, production values ​​and guest stars typical of luxurious prestige series, Poker Face It was one of the revelation series of 2023 and one of the happy places of the year for series fans.

Created by Ryan Johnsonscreenwriter and director of the franchise Daggers in the backand starring Natasha Lyonne (Russian doll, Orange is The New Black), the 10-episode first season follows Charlie Cale (Lyonne), a woman who has an extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying.

A skill that should be clarified, it has nothing to do with body language analysis techniques, nor with instinct, Charlie can simply identify if what someone says is true or not just by listening to their voice: when he hears someone telling a lie you immediately know he’s lying.

Charlie is not a detective, a private investigator or a police advisor, she is a woman who, due to things that happen, is forced to embark on a permanent escape, so she travels from town to town in her Plymouth Barracuda and at each new stop (episode) life is sought, Meet new characters and solve the crime at hand.

When she finishes, she takes the road again, because someone very powerful is searching and capturing her.

Guest stars from the first season of ‘Poker Face’

Luxury guest stars

Charlie is the character that serves as a common thread to all the episodes, which change settings and characters. By being self-contained storiesthe series can feature high-profile guest stars every week, because the actors don’t have to commit long-term.

In the first season, Adrian Brody, Ron Pearlman, Nick Nolte, Cherry Jones, Judith Light, Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, Chloë Sevigny, Hong Chau and Ellen Barkin stand out. The series is already renewed.

Bringing together this dazzling cast has been possible thanks to the nature of the proposal of Poker Face: A return to the ‘case of the week’ procedural series.

A formula that always works

In the first act of each episode someone dies and the viewer knows who is responsible for that death. In the second act, the series go back days before the crime to reveal what the protagonist has been doing in that destination and what relationship she has with the rest of the characters. In the third, Charlie solves the crime and sets off on her next destination.

This structure proves to be infallible during the season and generates a feeling of complicity with the viewer, who once they know the mechanisms of the story feel called to interact in two ways. The first, try to find Charlie in the background in the first act or guess what curious job she will be doing in that town to end up related to the crime.

The second and most satisfactory: identifying the moment in which the person who committed the crime he gives himself away without realizing itbecause if the series shows us anything, it is that human beings tend to lie unnecessarily and for the stupidest things.

‘Poker Face’ | Season 1 trailer

As in Jessica Fletcher’s series, death follows the protagonist wherever she goes. “I’m a magnet for death,” Charlie says in one episode. The important thing here is not to discover who committed the crime, as in Daggers in the backbut see the process and deduction methods used by Charlie to solve the case. And identify the moment in which she tells an unnecessary lie that makes the protagonist suspicious.

In addition to the ability to stay fresh by changing settings and characters, the procedural has an added value, a pleasure that has been lost in recent years and that one is not aware of how much one misses it until one tries it again. : know what everything will be solved when the final credits roll. A perfect series to discover this summer.


  • Where to see it: SkyShowtime
  • Year of production: 2023-present
  • Seasons: a
  • Episodes: eight
  • Created by: Rian Johnson
  • Distribution: Natasha Lyonne, Adrian Brody, Ron Pearlman, Nick Nolte, Cherry Jones, Judith Light, Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, Chloë Sevigny, Hong Chau and Ellen Barkin, among others.
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