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She is the famous ex-wife of Camilo from ‘MasterChef Celebrity’

She is the famous ex-wife of Camilo from ‘MasterChef Celebrity’
She is the famous ex-wife of Camilo from ‘MasterChef Celebrity’


The actor got into a fight when he attacked one of his colleagues in the competition.

The dreaded black apron returned to Colombian television with the launch of the new season of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, which from the beginning of the competition put its participants in trouble with difficult challenges.

Last Sunday, April 23, the participants at risk, CAmilo, Ilenia, Martina la dangerous, Franko and Nina faced a Salvation Challengeexcept for the latter, who, upon being left without a partner in the last creative challenge, lost the possibility of saving herself and went straight to elimination.

On this occasion, the celebrities in black aprons could make a dish of their choice and had the open dispensary at their disposal, however, as time passed They were surprised by a three-over that changed the course of the game.

The first of the envelopes forced the participants to rotate stations, which left them bewildered and at the same time annoyed, since They had to continue with the preparation of their companions without knowing the straight line.

The second envelope also put them in trouble, as it ordered them to add a sweet ingredient to their recipe; while the third and last envelope made everyone return to their initial place and finish their preparation.

Upon taking the lectern, a participant was the protagonist of a controversy, since He blamed his partner for the dish not turning out as expected.

It was Camilo Sáenz, who reproached what Franko had done with his plate in the rotation, blaming him for damaging it: “In reality, it didn’t add to the plate, rather it subtracted from it,” he said.

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This attitude made the actor the target of criticism from Internet users, but also It aroused curiosity to know more about his life, since Sáenz had not appeared on television for years.

Who is the ex-wife of Camilo Sáenz from ‘MasterChef Celebrity’?

Camilo is one of the most active celebrities on social networks where he usually publishes the special moments he shares with his well as with his two little daughters.

Candelaria and Rafaela are the result of his relationship with his ex-wife María Alejandra Cardona, with whom he announced his separation in mid-2022.

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María Alejandra is a renowned journalist and television producer. He has worked for successful formats, including ‘Los Informantes’ from Caracol Televisión, as well as ‘Especiales Pirry’ and ‘Habla consobrelos’ from Canal RCN.

Currently the journalist works as a producer of Discovery Channel’s ‘Operacion Frontera: South America’.

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