Tension grows between members of the “Fourth Earth” for this reason. Who is it?

Tension grows between members of the “Fourth Earth” for this reason. Who is it?
Tension grows between members of the “Fourth Earth” for this reason. Who is it?

The famous “Cuarto Tierra” from the last season of “La Casa de los Famosos”, shows possible differences between three of its members, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Clovis Nienow and Rodrigo Romeh.

It all started when the Colombian model posted a story that caught the attention of fans of the Telemundo reality show, which raised eyebrows. rumors of a possible separation of the aforementioned. “I can forgive you everything, but you have never played with the love of my family and the thousands of fans who supported us so much”Gutiérrez wrote.

The presenter Carlos Adyan of the program “It bites and extends”, assured that The message from the former beauty queen was directed to Rodrigo Romeh. “Today from Paris Ariadna confirmed that she ended her personal relationship with Romeh because he played with the fans and with his family by stopping following him on social media.”, pointed out the Puerto Rican

This added to the cancellation of the event “Brothers Land Without Censorship”which would take place in the city of Miami, scheduled for June 30 to interact and share with their fans.

“Unfortunately the event will not be able to take place on June 30 here in Miami due to logistical reasons”Clovis explained this Sunday through his Instagram stories. “But don’t worry, all the people who bought your ticket, the production is already working to return your money,” he added.

In the midst of the controversy, Clovis reassured fans by clarifying that their friendship still stands, however, some were not convinced by his statements.

“With Romeh, with Ari and with the Tierra family it is super good. Don’t start getting ideas that aren’t true. I love them, I will always love them, I will love them a lot,” the driver indicated.

Their friendship in reality

His time through the program managed to forge a close friendship between the members, which was noted in each transmission and salvation of its participants. Their charisma and chemistry were transported to the viewers and they became the most loved team by the followers of “The House of Famous People 4”.

Let us remember that the winner of the last edition is Maripily Rivera, belonging to the famous fourth land, who recently celebrated her birthday on the island of charm, with the assistance of Clovis and Rodrigo, however, the big absentee was the Colombian.

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