Yerko Puchento celebrated twice in Podemos Hablar

Image: Chilevisión.

As announced The Filter some days ago, Yerko Puchento’s participation in We can talk will not end in the fourth chapter of the stellarbroadcast this Sunday night.

The controversial character played by Daniel Alcaino will continue to be part of the program. He also confirmed Julio César Rodríguez in a dynamic at the beginning of the space, where he expressed: “Yerko, assert yourself. “We are going to extend his contract and he is going to accompany us for all the episodes.”said the space driver.

From the dressing room, Yerko Puchento, who was packing his belongings to leave the channel, thanked the news. “I know that you played it, thank you very much. I’m finally on a real channel, a channel called Paramount, which is doing what It is bankrupt like the other one, which is next to the hill, stinking like a zoo. Or the other one, which they are already renting out even for birthday parties,” he launched with his usual acidity.

For his part, the driver of We can talk He specified that the comedian would be on the program “until they take us out of Sunday”. This, given that, once the second season of Big Brother Chilethe star will air again only on Fridays.

As confirmed The Filter, We can talk obtained an average of 8.4 points between 10:42 p.m. and 12:53 a.m., coming in second place behind Canal 13, which scored 11.2 units.

Meanwhile, at that time Mega settled in third position (7.0 points) and TVN in the fourth (5.0 units).

With everything, Last night’s episode became the most watched episode of Yerko Puchento in the stellar, Until now. Last week it reached 7.7 points; and previous episodes averaged 7.0 and 7.5 units.

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