Jaime discovers Marta’s big secret

Jaime discovers Marta’s big secret
Jaime discovers Marta’s big secret

This Tuesday things seem to get complicated within ‘Sueños de Libertad’, a series in which its characters suffer greatly. Like every week, we summarize daily what happens in their lives, a life in which secret loves, hates, betrayals and even the least expected pregnancies abound. This is what we can expect from chapter 86, which will air this Tuesday, June 25 at 3:45 p.m..

We start with Andrés, who finally ends up making a decision about whether he should stay to protect Begoña or go to Olite forever. Will her love triumph and will he stay for her?

Jaime wants to betray Marta

After having discovered Marta’s big secret, Jaime threatens to reveal her condition. After this event, Marta is so uneasy that he goes to Fina to talk to her. Meanwhile, Joaquín decides to give Gema a gift, but that is not going to stop her from continuing to want to see Ernesto, with whom she has already been on several dates. For its part, Claudia shares with Carmen her suspicions about the priest, and he tries to mitigate them, in addition to Damián’s efforts to try to get his children to get along and make peace does not seem to be successful, so he ends up making a confession to Isidro. Despite all of Jesús’s efforts, Begoña still does not forgive him, how could he do it? Finally, Andrés advises Luis to try to get along with Joaquín and they both end up arguing about this.

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