Bautista answered the red phone and had to pay a very high price for doing so


After the removal of, Martín Ku of the house of Big Brother (Telefe), they are still in the race Bautista, Dario, Emmanuel and Nicolás. On Sunday, one of them will be out of the game by public choice

Last night, Monday, The red phone rang and put the person who answered it, Bautista, in an extreme situation.: Because he answered the call, he went directly to the plate. But… and that was the complicated part, if he wanted, he could decide to save himself by choosing one of his colleagues to take his place on the nominees board.

Faced with the difficult dilemma, Bautista chose to be nominated instead of sending one of his three teammates to the plate: Emma, ​​Darío and Nico.

On the other hand, Santiago Del Mor announced that Wednesday will be the nomination gala and the first finalist of this edition of the reality show will be known.

On Thursday, the fictional weddings will arrive. In this mock wedding celebration, Bautista will join Denisse; Nico to Flor and Darío to Emma. “It’s a game and there will be many surprises,” the driver said.

I followed Big Brother minute by minute, live:

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Bautista answered the red phone in Big Brother and made the most difficult decision


The participant decided without a moment’s hesitation.

Santiago Del Moro informed the participant that by having answered the red phone he is already on the plate for Sunday unless he wants to send another player to the plate in his place.

Given the choice between being nominated in these final stages of the game or nominating one of his three competitors (Emma, ​​Darío and Nico), Bautista chose to be nominated himself.

On Wednesday there will be a nomination gala and it will be known who is the first finalist of this edition of Big Brother whose grand final will be on Sunday, July 7.

Bautista answered the red phone and paid the consequences. Capture TV.

He decided to stay on the plate instead of sending a teammate. Thus, Bautista is already nominated. Wednesday is the nomination gala and that same day the first finalist of this edition of Big Brother.

Mon. 06/24/2024-23:40

El Chino has a world record in Big Brother

Santiago Del Moro announced that Martín has the world record of being the player of Big Brother who has won the most times in the “leader test”.

Mon. 06/24/2024-23:39

Fury interrupts everyone in the debate and generates rejection on Twitter

Despite it being El Chino’s night, which is the recently eliminated one, Fury interrupts everyone and doesn’t let them talk. On Twitter, she causes a lot of rejection for her verbosity and they laugh at the fact that she talks about herself in the third person.

For example, a handful of tweets:

Mon. 06/24/2024-23:12

Santiago Del Moro: “Next Thursday we have weddings”

On Thursday, Bauti will have his television wedding with Denisse, Nico with Flor and Emma with Darío. “It’s quite a game, it’s going to be a party with many surprises,” the driver told the participants who are still in the race.

Mon. 06/24/2024-22:56

El Chino believes that Bauti will be the winner of Big Brother

When asked who he thinks will be the champion, Martín responded “Bauti.” “And why not Nico?” they asked him. “Because I think Nico has a lot of hate, according to what they told me,” he answered.

Mon. 06/24/2024-22:58

El Chino, after his elimination from Big Brothertalked about his relationship with Furia

Martín, in the Big Brother debate. Capture TV.

When asked about Fury, he said: “The game takes us to many places, but I always understood it as a show,” trying not to delve into the confrontation he had with her in the last time they shared in the house.

Mon. 06/24/2024-22:43

Big Brother: In moments, the red phone rings again

This was just announced by Santiago Del Moro and he said that whoever attends him goes directly to the Sunday panel and in turn, can choose someone else to replace him on the panel.

Mon. 06/24/2024-22:36

Martín, eliminated from Big Brother last night, is in the debate: “The furious ones shot me”

removed from Big Brother At the gala yesterday, Sunday, El Chino answers the questions of Santiago Del Moro and his panelists.

To begin with, they gave him a compilation of his days in the house of Big Brother.

“The furious ones shot me”, responded when Santi wanted to know why he thinks he was left out of the game. “It was the price to pay… I’m not Ironman, I’m El Chino,” he added, and made everyone laugh.

Mon. 06/24/2024-21:40

Cata said she would not share any work with Furia


He did it in dialogue with a notary from LAM (America).

Approached by a notary THE M (America, at 20) Catalina began by saying that she could not speak (due to her contract still in force with Telefe), but ended up answering when they asked her about Furia.

“Fury is a show and it’s all that’s right,” he said, after his reconciliation with Juliana, with whom he was successively a close friend and enemy.

But when they asked him if he would like to do magazine theater in the summer with Furia, he said no. “And a streaming on Telefe, either?” insisted the chronicler. “No, nothing. Friendly treatment from two co-workers, nothing more“, he stood up.

And as for Coy, Furia’s sister, she recommended that it would be better for her to donate the money from the collections she is doing among Julia’s fans to a soup kitchen. “You have to separate what Fury is from what her sister Coy is from her,” she said.

Mon. 06/24/2024-20:25

Big Brother: they are few, but they still argue

Emmanuel got upset with Bautista because, in his opinion, he misinterpreted a comment he made and started a small argument, to which Darío also joined.


The man from Cordoba maintained a back-and-forth with Bautista.

Mon. 06/24/2024-19:19

Licha understands Fury’s prominent place in Big Brother

In dialogue with the Gossip cycle, Lisandro revealed that there was a meeting between eliminated participants and part of the Big Brother production due to the special treatment that Furia receives since he left the house. “I think there is a lot of ego and many people are bothered by the place she is giving to Furia. There are people who do not understand that she was the main protagonist of the edition,” Licha said.


“I didn’t talk to her,” Lisandro said.

Mon. 06/24/2024-18:23

Big Brother: Fury’s photo for his followers

On her Instagram account, Juliana shared a photo with a cell phone that she won during her stay at GH. “Photo for the furious,” she noted. And she added: “The cell phone I won thanks to Emma hehe.”

Fury on Instagram.Fury on Instagram.

Mon. 06/24/2024-17:28

Cata’s word about her hug with Furia at the Big Brother gala

Cata did not believe anything about the stunt double and, in dialogue with the chronicler of Cut for Lozano (Telefe, Monday to Friday at 2:45 p.m.), he expressed his opinion about his former partner in the most famous house.


The former “Big Brother” participant revealed if she plans to fix her relationship with Juliana Scaglione

Mon. 06/24/2024-16:07

The strong insult that Ángel de Brito sent to Gastón Trezeguet

The scandalous crossing between Ángel de Brito and Gastón Trezeguet added a new chapter and during these hours the capture of a message that the driver of THE M (America, Monday to Friday at 8 p.m.) sent the former participant of Big Brother (Telefe, at 10:30 p.m.).

Mon. 06/24/2024-15:14

Big Brother: The four finalists enjoy the topics they chose

Thanks to the challenge that Big Brother proposed to them and the participants fulfilled (The Bro and Emma were not to laugh at Dario’s jokes at any time), the four finalists had the opportunity to choose a list of songs to listen to during their last days within home.


Bauti, Nico, Emma and Darío and their last days in the GH house.

Mon. 06/24/2024-14:10

Virginia got into the war between the Florences

After Flor Cabrera made trouble between Nicolás’s mother and Flor Regidor, the former participant defended the latter.

“I see these things, I feel like (Cabrera) is looking for a space and chooses to be unpleasant,” Virginia analyzed.


The former participant strongly criticized Flor Cabrera.

“The only thing she achieves is to position herself poorly, she wants to get spicy, bad and the only thing she achieves is to be more and more pathetic,” criticized the former participant from La Plata.

Mon. 06/24/2024-13:08

The message from Chino’s girlfriend, after being eliminated from Big Brother

The young woman known as Marisol dedicated tender words of support and affection to her partner, after he left the competition by public decision.

Marisol dedicated tender words to her boyfriend Martín Ku.Marisol dedicated tender words to her boyfriend Martín Ku.

“We are proud of our Tintu, this is just beginning for him and there is no doubt that the best is coming for him,” said Martín Ku’s girlfriend.

Mon. 06/24/2024-12:08

Florencia Cabrera made trouble against Florencia Regidor and came out to answer him

The former Big Brother participant was a guest on To the Barbarossa (Telefe) together with Antonella, Nicolás’s mother, and targeted Flor, seeking to get her mother-in-law to criticize her and assure that she did not want her son to marry her.

It was then that Flor did not remain silent and responded through the networks: “Get into your relationship. If something happens with Luchi, it’s our problem. Go with Damcer and don’t break your balls.” However, Cata Gorostidi decided to give her opinion and defend her: “Friend! NO cameras on this nefarious woman! We already gave her enough.”

Big Brother: Florencia Cabrera made trouble against Florencia Regidor and came out to answer himBig Brother: Florencia Cabrera made trouble against Florencia Regidor and came out to answer him

Mon. 06/24/2024-11:07

Rating: how much Big Brother measured with the elimination of Martín and Furia as panelists

The departure of El Chino caused Big Brother to not have one more broadcast this Sunday, however The rating did not live up to expectations.

Telefe’s reality show averaged 16.1 points and it was enough to be the most viewed on Sunday, but it was far from the 20 on other occasions. The thing is that with the departure of Furia, last Tuesday, the cycle lost some interest in terms of the chance to see a hectic house, with content, something that pays off on television.

Read the full note here.

Mon. 06/24/2024-10:10

Coty Romero and Nacho Castañares confirmed their relationship

Amid speculation of a romance, the participants of Big Brother 2022 were very affectionate after filming a fun ping-pong game.


Amid the speculation, the former Big Brother participants were very affectionate.

Mon. 06/24/2024-09:08

Big Brother: this is how the former participants reacted to Martín’s elimination

Like the public and the stands, the participants eliminated from the reality show were taken by surprise by Chino’s departure from the most famous house in the country.


The announcement of Chino’s departure took everyone by surprise.

Mon. 06/24/2024-08:06

Who will win Big Brother: Bautista or Emmanuel?

Nobody expected it. After eliminating Furia, the strongest participant in the game, Martín lost to Nicolás. In this way, the public identified two contestants as the possible winners: Baptist or Emmanuel.

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