The HBO series enters the danger zone and runs the risk of boring its followers

The calm before the storm is something very characteristic in the television universe of ‘Game of Thrones’, both in the original series and in its prequel ‘The House of the Dragon’, where there are many episodes in which we feel that the story is It takes time to breathe, reposition the pieces on the board or make us feel the tension of a pressure cooker about to explode. Not all episodes can be ‘Austere House’ or ‘The Long Night’ nor can dragons be flying and burning entire cities all the time, we understand.. But when you lift your foot off the accelerator to ease the ride, you run the risk of losing too much inertia.

Spoilers for ‘House of the Dragon’ 2×01 below!

In its second episode of this season, ‘The House of the Dragon’ reflects the consequences of the terrible event with which the previous chapter concluded, the murder of King Aegon’s son and his sister-wife Helaena. On the one hand, Pain devastates the green side and the impetuous monarch explodes in anger., while his grandfather and his mother try to contain him and keep him tied to his sanity so that his next movements are not the result of a low drive. Obviously, for a king who is only a couple of steps below Joffrey Baratheon in terms of promptness and psychopathy, it is impossible and, in fact, he ends up changing Hands.


On the other side of the sea we have the blacks, where the order of murder by Daemon and behind Rhaenyra’s back, a monumental screw-up by all accounts, breaks for the first time a possibly irreparable gap in trust between the two. For her, it is the realization of what she has always known: her uncle’s ego is ungovernable and at the end of the day Daemon is only going to move to feed it. He will never get over the fact that he could not be king and that he plays a secondary role in the History of Westeros books.

That rupture between the two, which we still can’t see how deep it is going to be, is perhaps the most relevant thing about this episode. One that is quite compliant but not as lucid: it leaves the feeling of being somewhat less interesting than others or that things less relevant to the plot have happened. Or simply, that they are taking the occasional extra turn to make us wait and not get us completely into trouble yet.. We already know that after the death of little Jaehaerys, no other path than violence is feasible (and this is what Otto himself verbalized), what is not clear is who will throw the first stone (or send the first dragon) against him. enemy and a full-fledged war will begin.


That is, perhaps, the main problem facing ‘House of the Dragon’ right now: How long can they keep us on their ship, with such calm, without any wind blowing to shake the sails and take us to the inevitable destination? Because, let’s be honest, not even a family conversation random of King’s Landing nor the fight between Arryk and Erryk serve as top-level material, no matter how much they try to sell it to us as something outstanding. The twins are two gentlemen who have barely had any relevance and we have not even been clear about who was who for us to care about his death. If anything, don’t let Rhaenyra get hurt.

This brings us to the other problem with ‘House of the Dragon’. Despite playing with a smaller number of characters and settings than ‘Game of Thrones’, you haven’t had enough time to build them all.. Yes, they have achieved it with Alicent and Rhaenyra, but not so much with the next generation. For example, last week’s gore scene. Of course, hearing a child’s head being cut off like someone cutting a log with a saw is shocking, especially with those sound effects used. But the little we know about Helaena, who has appeared a few times in the series, takes away the strength of the blow. The end of last season was different: with Lucerys we had not had time to establish a bond either, but we did feel her mother’s pain as she was a much more beloved character.

the dragon house

And now it turns out that there is another brother out there who we haven’t even been named who may be relevant and, of course, has a name almost identical to thirty other characters. Sometimes, they make it difficult for us.

All in all, ‘The House of the Dragon’ continues to be a first-class series in terms of production, design and concept, only It needs a push to unleash its full potential.. And it’s taking a lot of effort, we don’t know if it’s a lot or just a little bit. It’s time for the wind to boost the sails before we die of starvation on the high seas. A little push, a dragon’s wing. And a little more work on the characters so that they don’t become the chickens that enter and leave.

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