“Arryk and Erryk are intertwined”

“Arryk and Erryk are intertwined”
“Arryk and Erryk are intertwined”

We spoke to brothers Elliott and Luke Tittensor, Erryk and Arryk in ‘The House of the Dragon’, about their visceral confrontation.

Are you Luke or Elliott? The Tittensor brothers are used to being asked that question. Identical twins and actors, these young people born in Manchester in 1989 rose to fame by sharing the role of Carl Gallagher in the original version of ‘Shameless’, and twenty years later They have decided to break our hearts in the second season of ‘The House of the Dragon’.

The second episode of this installment, which is now available on Max, has left another event on par with Blood and Cheese for last. If a week ago we witnessed the death of the innocent Jaehaerys, On this occasion we have suffered the fratricidal fight between Erryk and Arryk Cargyll, the brothers who separated in the previous season to defend Aegon and Rhaenyra, respectively. However, their paths have not remained apart for long, since, In the most tragic turn possible, both have had to fight to defend their idealseven if that meant ending the person they loved the most.

Arryk and Erryk in ‘The House of the Dragon’

We knew there would come a time when we would leave the series“comments Elliott, who attends us along with other international media in a Zoom call. Both he and his brother They were aware that Arryk and Erryk would die sooner rather than later., but that has not stopped them from enjoying a unique experience. “We were big fans of ‘Game of Thrones’, so when we discovered that they were looking for twins we jumped at the opportunity, because Participating with your brother in that world is something incredible“adds the actor who gave life to Erryk.

“We really wanted to represent that story of two twins, which obviously end in a tragic and fatal way. It has been exciting and beautiful to capture it on the screen, especially in a series like ‘The House of the Dragon’,” says Luke, whose character, Arryk, is sent to Dragonstone to kill Rhaenyra, although There he meets his brother, unleashing a devastating fight between the two.

One soul in two bodies

The fracture between Erryk and Arry occurred in the final stretch of the first season, when Viserys died and each one opted for a side. “They are both men who do their duty. When you join the Royal Guard you give up a lot of your rights, it’s like a Christian military order, so you have little left but your honor. Therefore, their lifestyles are similar, but the main difference is that Erryk knew a side of Aegon that Arryk didn’t, so made the decision from a more emotional perspective“Luke reflects.

“He really decided for the two twins. Realizing that Arryk did not share his vision of who should rule, He decided to leave and from that moment on Arryk didn’t have much choice in the situation., especially when it came to the relationship between the two. That’s where a little bit of the pain comes from, but still he is still his brother and he loves him“extends Tittensor.

The confrontation between Arryk and Erryk in ‘The House of the Dragon’

Thus, his fate was sentenced in the middle of the Dance of the Dragons, and neither of them have avoided it. Driven by that sense of duty, the Cargyll have fought with all their might in a duel that, after Arryk’s death at the hands of Erryk, has ended with the survivor’s suicide… but, What would have happened if the “victor” had been Arryk?

I think I would have done the same, because the emotional scar that leaves you tearing off a part of yourself pushes you to understand that you have to go together to a certain extent. After all, they are intertwined, so if one leaves, the other will end up being destroyed. Therefore, they were so close that by taking the life of his twin, I think Arryk’s head would have become cloudy and he would not have even remembered to kill Rhaenyra. “I don’t think he would have done it, but rather he would have ended up just like Erryk and would have been so broken that he wouldn’t have been able to fulfill his duty,” Luke theorizes.

Preparation for battle

Beyond the emotional component of having to kill (even fictitiously) your twin brother, The Tittensors also had to undergo intense training physical to correctly represent the demanding moment. “We had some sixteen sessions of between an hour and a half and two hoursso it was about thirty hours in total that we spent training to learn what was necessary about sword fighting. We wanted to make sure that when we arrived on set we knew the choreography perfectlyso we can focus on the emotion,” says Luke.

“The team of specialists was already clear about how to do it, they had thought about the rhythm and some movements to make it dynamic. Afterwards, It took us about three days to record the entire sequence.. In two days we shot most of the scene and on the last day we did the most emotional part. It was good to be able to do it chronologically, to go through each of the phases in order“Luke adds.

And, in case there was any doubt, spending so many hours rehearsing their mutual murder and then transferring it to the small screen has not diminished the relationship between the brothers. “Nothing has changed on a personal level, we continue living together“says Elliott with a laugh, although he admits that there were some bumps during the preparation.”The swords were made of plastic, but if they hit you with them it hurts, and there were a couple of incidents during training. Nothing serious, but she hit me on the elbow,” she recalls, eliciting Luke’s response: “She sure has a big scar left.” He also gave me a few times to get revenge. But so many hours of training in which we constantly hit each other meant that it didn’t happen on set.”

Unconditional fans

Once the sequence is completed and delivered to the public, the Tittensor brothers only have words of gratitude to those who have surrounded them in ‘The House of the Dragon’. “Being able to participate as brothers and meet all those people has been a wonderful experience. When you’re in a series like that, you’d always like to spend more time, but we will keep very pleasant memories for the rest of our lives,'” Elliott adds.

So much so that, as good fans, they will continue to watch the series very carefully. In fact, They both know which side they will support in the war.. “I wonder how much of my decision has to do with the time I’ve invested in my character, but I have to stay with the Blackswhich was what Erryk believed in,” Elliott confesses. For his part, Luke also aligns himself with his fictional alter ego: “I’ll stick with the Greens, too because Tom Glynn-Carney [Aegon] He’s from Manchester so the real king must be from here“.

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