This is work for work’s sake

This is work for work’s sake
This is work for work’s sake

“Nacho, it looks like it’s someone from your group, he told me that it could be for a monthly subscription and do it through Telegram. I had planned to send audio meditations and put together spiritual retreats with Fu and those who pay the premium membership”he continued.

“No, that’s a sect, you can’t. It’s a danger”, intervened Marcela Feudale. “I am convinced that all these people who invested millions of pesos in votes pay. And what she clarifies: ‘the entire contract with Telefe is holding us back, but we will see what happens in the coming weeks and from there we will act “, Latorre said.

“That’s why she wants to open Telefe, because they plan to make the Furia manual, the Furia meditation,” added the communicator who is replacing these days Angel de Brito in driving.

Coy accused the production of Big Brother of fraud after the elimination of Fury: “The robbery of the century”

After six months competing in the house of Big Brother 2023 (Telefe), this Tuesday, June 18 Juliana Furia Scaglione She was eliminated from the reality show, with just three weeks left to reach the grand final. After her controversial violent game from the first minute, she was finally the Chino Martin Ku who managed to knock her out of the game.

Meanwhile, his enormous fandom reacted in the worst way, generating chaos in the vicinity of Telefe, where there were fights, beatings and even throwing stones, even having to intervene the police. In fact, some former participants, such as Catalina Gorostidi; Apple either Mauro DalessioThey broke their cars.

But in addition, the sister of the now ex-little sister also expressed her uncontrolled anger on social networks, openly accusing the production of Big Brother of committing fraud with Juliana.

“If you thought there was the robbery of the century, this surpassed it. Tribunes full of furious people. Almost $70 million pesos in unifications, this last one. And many more individual votes. Yes, it is too much for all of you Telefe and Kuarzo. Thanks for the sheet set”shot visibly upset Georgina Coy Scaglione from his sister’s X account.

But, without a doubt, the coup de grace for the channel and the production of the reality show was the following short post in which the sister of Rage He asked a suspicious rhetorical question. “Maybe that’s why they didn’t let me put a scribe?”she fired excitedly.

And finally, Georgina Scaglione added a third post where she reflected all her frustration at her sister’s elimination by stating: “They stole Furia’s biggest dream. They stole from people including me. A format destroyed because Furia was thousands of steps ahead. This was Great Fury.” Now we will have to wait for the protagonist’s word, to see if it agrees with her.

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