Kratos likes Glock: The one eliminated from the Challenge exclusively confesses what he thinks

In Chapter 56 of the Challenge, Kratos became the eliminated after a demanding Death Challenge with Francisco, Yoifer and Hercules. The Omega member had health problems that did not allow him to feel well to continue and for which he was treated by the medical team.

After saying goodbye to all his companions, The challenger said goodbye to Glock, with whom he kissed during a party when the three-team stage began in the Colombian reality show. There he confessed that he was giving him a detail so that he would not forget it.

What Kratos gave to Glock in the Challenge

Exclusively, the athlete comments that he gave the Barranquilla woman a small stone that he found in one of the Boxes, this, since from the moment he saw it he really liked it due to its color and that it had an imperfection: “a little spot, like me”he mentions between laughs.

For Kratos the rock shines with its own light and this It motivated him to give it to her, however, he didn’t want to do it until he found the perfect moment.. Furthermore, he emphasizes that Glock seems to him “an incredible and beautiful person.”

Nevertheless, The Bogota native clarifies that he is not someone who likes shows, nor did he want to bother her on the he couldn’t find a way to give her the gift, he feels that the fact that she was last when saying goodbye made everything coincide.

The person eliminated from the 2024 Challenge explains that he feels calm, since at least he left her the gift so that she can continue thinking about him for the time she has left in the competition, motivated by her knowing that he appreciates her and that he took everything into account. the encouragement he gave him.

Challenge Kratos likes Glock

When asked if he likes his opponent, The rugby player has no problem saying that he thinks she is very pretty and for this reason his Omega classmates bothered him to dare to invite her to a Cube, although it did not happen, since there were already other couples.

The Bogota native believes that the member of Beta “She is very beautiful physically and as a person, from the little she knew”He also adds that he is from the Colombian coast and this is something he loves. Finally, He declares that he will look for her when he leaves the production, because they have a pending dance. and I would like to talk to her.

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