Actress from “Aquelarre” appeared in “Como La Vida Misma”

Currently, the successful nighttime soap opera – which began as an afternoon series – is in its very final stretch. In this regard, some fans of “Like life itself” noticed the special participation of an iconic actress who worked in “Coven”extinct TVN fiction.

In episode 271 of the production, which aired this Monday night, he showed how Paula (Elisa Zulueta) You must face the great challenge of going to your first gynecological examination. Let us remember that, when the Ecoamigas member was going to tell her partner that she would decide to have the baby, Nicolás (Gonzalo Valenzuela) He had a regrettable reaction.

It is in this context that the graphic designer decides to attend the consultation without the baby’s father. Here, she came in very nervous to talk to the gynecologist, to whom she told what her symptoms were. “(I’m) very nervous, this is too new and unexpected for me“, he expressed timidly.

Along those lines, the professional tried to calm her down and told her that what needed to be done was to do an ultrasound plus other routine exams. However, against all odds, Paula ends up telling Caco (Claudio Castellón) that his baby was not conceived and he lost it.

The actress from “Aquelarre” who surprised in “Como La Vida Misma”

On this sad scene in the clinic, some of the avid followers of the soap operas, and fans of “Como La Vida Misma”, noticed the presence of a familiar face. It turns out that The gynecologist who treated Paula was an actress who worked in “Aquelarre” (1999).

It is nothing more and nothing less than Claudia Vergara. This performer gained fame years ago when she gave life to the role of Isidora Orrego in the popular National Television fiction. At that time, she gave life to a young and cheerful high school student, eternally in love with her cousin Cristián (Alejandro Montes).

It should be noted that the last time Claudia Vergara had an appearance on television was in 2022. On this occasion, the interpreter worked on an episode of “The less thought day“Although at the time, it was a small role.

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