Telefe burns: the return of a figure to Big Brother due to low “rating” was confirmed

Big Brother It is the reality show that has generated the most audience on television in recent years and the imminent finale of the current edition generates expectations in all fans.. In that context, Christian U spoke out about what happened on her season, when she re-entered the famous house.

The former contestant participated in GH 2011, an edition in which in the middle of the competition he decided to leave the house and, in a repechage, he re-entered. In a recent interview, Urrizaga announced what that reinstatement was like, which at the time generated many controversies due to the fact that he had retired of his own free will.

When I left and returned to reality, I didn’t get in because I’m friends with a producer or the people from Telefe, I entered because the rating had fallen. And the psychologists they have are the ones who do the hidden work of which later you do not understand what is happening. A psychologist asked me if I wanted to go back in and I said no, but she replied ‘how ugly people like you are who are successful but prefer to continue walking dogs’. So it touched my ego,” he commented. Christian U about his return to the house, which later made him the winner of that edition. And followed: “Big Brother It’s not about seeing a person playing a little game and everyone saying ‘he’s the best player’. It’s about captivating the public and making the public fall in love, about running the house and that’s what he did. We also have to understand that the players who are inside are not yet ‘indoctrinated’ by television, we are half donkeysand we can say phrases or things that make others feel bad.

Cristian U’s word about his experience in Big Brother

“At one point in the house I felt like I was half alone and that they were all a group of idiots attacking me. And, no matter how much character one has, people are always going to take the side of the one who is alone. There were some, like Martín Pepa, who knew how to read it very well. Therefore, at first he was against me and then he came to my side; while others continued fooling around with the pool and complaining that they didn’t have suntan lotion,” Urrizaga commented in dialogue with this medium. And he added: “I hated Big Brother, I always said it. I couldn’t see it. I didn’t understand, like many people still do, those kids who cry, who say “I want to leave, but I can’t” and you say “You idiot, there’s the door there.” Later, when you are inside, you understand that you cannot leave because many of us are looking for a future, a change of life, but if you leave, you throw away all that dream. That is the pressure of missing your family and not leaving because you don’t give up on that dream. I went to the casting so I wouldn’t be left because I even bitched (laughs). At one point I swelled my balls and said ‘What the hell am I going to look like. What am I doing with this crap?

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