Glock, melted after a gift from Kratos in Challenge XX: “So that you don’t forget me”

In episode 56 of Desafío XX, on Caracol Televisión, an unexpected event occurred: after Kratos’ elimination from the competition, he surprised one of his companions with a significant gesture before leaving. The athlete gave Glock a white stone as a special souvenir so he would always remember it.

While they were preparing the food, Glock showed the other participants the stone that Kratos had given her. He explained that the exomega had mentioned to him that he wanted to give him something before leaving, taking it out of his stocking with these words: “I brought you a little detail and I want to give it to you, it is something that identifies me and that I think also identifies you. It shines with own light, it is so that you cannot forget me”.

Glock’s companions reacted with surprise and recognized the value of the gesture, regretting that Kratos had left so soon and they had not been able to share more time together. Among her responses, Glock was asked if she was excited about what happened, to which she responded affirmatively, although she also expressed regret for not having been able to enjoy more time with Kratos.

What happened when Kratos gave the stone to Glock?
When Glock said goodbye to the now exomega, he told her: “My beauty,” and hugged her.

Glock responded that they needed to share more time, since they had only been together for a few moments during the tests and at a party when a new cycle began, where they kissed.

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