La Tora Villar and Nacho Castañares starred in a tense moment on air and showed the bad relationship they have

La Tora Villar and Nacho Castañares starred in a tense moment on air and showed the bad relationship they have
La Tora Villar and Nacho Castañares starred in a tense moment on air and showed the bad relationship they have

The awkward moment on air between Nacho and the Tora (Video: Telefe streaming)

Although Lucilla The Torah Villar and Nacho Castañares They continued to be coworkers despite their breakup. In the last few hours, the former couple starred in an uncomfortable live moment that showed the bad vibes that exist between them.

The clip that went viral happened during Out of Joda, the program that they both host on the Telefe streaming channel. It all started after a question that Lucila asked on the air, about a comment from Nacho. “Maybe the discussion was with Darío, it wasn’t with Bauti, right?” said the former member of Big Brother 2022. This phrase provoked the indignation of Nacho who did not take long to interrupt her.

“I’m repeating it, I said it about Bauti. Not about Dario”, The streamer commented, angry at the influencer’s comment that she had not recorded her voice. However, she did not remain silent either: “I’m asking right because I didn’t understand. That’s why I asked it again.”

With an annoyed face, the young woman rolled her eyes and stopped looking at him, but he insisted: “Well, I’ll answer it again.”. At that moment, a “thank you” in a derogatory tone was heard from the Tora, who continued with his body directed towards the opposite side of his companion. Once the crossing was finished, the two looked angry and tried to continue with the program but they could not prevent Internet users from noticing the discomfort of the situation.

La Tora’s blunt reaction about her relationship with Nacho Castañares (Video: Telefe)

A while later, users began to speculate about why there is bad vibes between the two, they even attributed the situation to the imminent romance between Nacho and Coty Romero. For example, a few months ago when the images of them very close in a bowling alley went viral, the topic reached The Night of the Exes (Telefe) where so much The Torah like Castañares they work.

It was there on the debate program hosted by Robertito Funes Ugartewhere they talked about historical reality couples, like Ximena Capristo and Gustavo Conti, present on the panel. And at that moment, the presenter cornered Lucila to ask her a question about Nacho’s sentimental status, with whom she had a relationship during the confinement and continued outside the program.

“Have you heard anything about him lately, about his situation?”, the driver asked, making the panelist uncomfortable. “No. He is my work colleague and nothing more”, she answered, without hesitation and without giving details about it. Beside her, Castañares himself did not issue statements on the subject.

Coti Romero talked about her relationship with Nacho Castañares (Video: LAM)

At the beginning of June, the Corrientes native gave another note to THE M (America) and referred to his bond with Nacho. “Well, I congratulate you on your courtship, too, how lucky you are…” Ángel de Brito asked him. “Nooo, there is no courtship,” Romero denied. “Don’t lie to me, Coty. Mentile to (Santiago) Del Moro“, the driver urged her, in reference to the batonero of the reality show broadcast by Telefe.

We are friends who are getting to know each other“, Coty tried to define his bond with Nacho. But immediately and in chorus with her, the “little angels” interrupted her from the floor: “But they have known each other for a thousand years,” they pointed out. “Of course, we already live together. But a lot of time passed since that coexistence,” she said. “We don’t care much what they may say. Then we show ourselves because we know what is happening,” she said later in relation to the photos that Nacho and Coty published on their social networks, in which she is seen together.

And he talked about the current bond he maintains with Villar, outside the house. “With The Torah We don’t have the connection that we had at the time. Then they told me that they had unfollowed me and I did it too, because I’m not going to be anyone’s fan.. But we always greet each other well, we have a good working relationship,” Corrientina said.

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