One Piece introduces the first members of the Baroque Works in Netflix season 2

One Piece introduces the first members of the Baroque Works in Netflix season 2
One Piece introduces the first members of the Baroque Works in Netflix season 2

Next year Netflix will bring season 2 of One Piecethe series live-action based on the acclaimed manga by Eiichirô Oda that has been a success around the world, both for fans of the work and for those who have entered the world again.

Its plot follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffya young man who sets out to become the King of the Pirates and take possession of the One Piece, the legendary treasure that Gold Roger, the previous King of the Pirates, hid in some corner of the world before his execution.

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However, as a child Luffy accidentally ate a Devil Fruit, a powerful treasure that grants special abilities to anyone who consumes it, with the disadvantage of not being able to swim and being weakened by seawater.

Turned into a rubber man, Luffy begins his journey around the world in search of the One Piece while little by little he gathers new and skilled companions for his Straw Hat pirate band.

New actors join the cast of One Piece season 2

After adapting the East Blue arc, our protagonists continue their adventure through the next arc of the manga, Alabasta, where they will have among their main enemies Baroque Works, an organization of bounty hunters whom we could already see previously at the beginning of the series when They tried to recruit Zoro without much success.

With the filming of the new episodes in full process, Netflix opens the mouths of fans by revealing the first names of the actors who will be part of Baroque Works to deal with Luffy and company. You can take a look below.

So, at the moment we have confirmed David Dastmalchian (The Boogeyman, Oppenheimer, The last late night, The Suicide Squad) in the role of Mr. 3, Jazzara Jaslyn (Lioness, A Family Affair, Professionals) as Miss Valentine, Camrus Johnson (Batwoman, The sun is also a star, After Class) will play Mr. 5 and Daniel Lasker (Raised by Wolves, Vagrant Queen) will play Mr. 9.

Still no release date, season 2 is expected One Piece will premiere in the Netflix catalog sometime in 2025. What do you think of the new cast members of the series? Tell us in our comments section.

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