Ian Moche responded to criticism after his time on Juana Viale’s program

Ian Moche was invited to Having lunch with Juana to talk about autism. During the program, the 10-year-old boy did not feel very comfortable, which led him to become nervous and behave in a way that did not meet the audience’s expectations. Viewers took to videos of the show to express their discontent with very offensive words that reached Ian.

Some of the horrible messages that users left in Ian’s video on Juana Viale’s program. (Photo: Screenshot)

For this reason, the boy felt the need to make a forceful statement on social networks to confront those who criticized him for his behavior during Mirtha Legrand’s granddaughter’s program.

In a video he shared on Instagram, Ian began by saying: “This is a disclaimer that I want to make to the comments and to Juana Viale’s program in general. I want to make a statement regarding the comments that were made after being on the program. Many told me that I was rude, unsmokable, that I didn’t deserve to be on that program…”

He then explained the difficulties he faced during the program. “One of the challenges for autistic people is that it is difficult for us to socialize and understand the dynamics of conversation. Sometimes I don’t understand the pauses or I interrupt because they don’t let me finish an idea. It was very difficult for me, because they contradicted me or told me ‘but’, they were invalidating me and that’s why I interrupted,” she explained.

The young man emphasized that his behavior was not intentionally rude. “I really didn’t act rude, I never want to be rude, I don’t like that. I try a lot to try to be good. But don’t say those things because I didn’t want to convey that,” he made it clear.

Additionally, Ian shared his emotional experience during the recording. “It was a very difficult program, if you look closely, I got up three times to cry during the program. It’s that I felt three things, that I was really wrong, that I was making a mistake and that they were invalidating me… I felt invalidated, I couldn’t speak. They asked me only one question, then they didn’t ask me any more questions. There was no anticipation on the part of the production about what was going to happen. There was no order and we autistic people need anticipation,” he explained.

Finally, he explained why he was served a different menu than the rest of the guests and focused on a comment that Juana made to him about “having a crown.” “I really needed my food and it’s not that I’m a beneficiary, it’s not that I have a crown, I’m not unsmokable or rude. “I have my needs,” he highlighted and then explained that it is due to a symptom of autism that has to do with his intolerance to certain textures, smells, flavors and colors. He explained that perhaps what is served to him is delicious but that when any of those things bother him, he makes him retch. Therefore, she chose safe meals for him, that would allow him to eat calmly and be able to follow the program.

Finally, Ian closed his message by calling for a more understanding society. “The ideal world does not exist but I do hope that there is a friendlier society, where we do not hurt others, where we listen to each other’s experience and do not disqualify. When we understand that we will be a friendlier and more empathetic society.”

But that was not all, his family also expressed themselves. In the description of that video, they contributed their own saying: “Ian shouldn’t be giving explanations but he does and do you know why? Because we believe that what happened today is a great reflection of how backward we are as a society, where hatred reigns; because we also believe that bullying begins at home, in the family; because we believe, that Ian means ‘let’s be more friendly and empathetic’ for this kind of evil.”

The release of Ian’s family. (Photo: Screenshot)

“The world for autistic people, for anxious people, for those who live with hyperactivity, for those who struggle with their depression, is not prepared. Today’s world is hostile and, if each of us does not do our part, this will go downhill. Hateful comments incite massive hatred. Think that they could be one of you, a son, a student, a grandchild, as many of those who commented we know are mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers. Ian is neither more nor less a child. Ian is and will be autistic. And we are proud of him,” they concluded.

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