They presented “En El Barro”, the spin-off of “El Marginal”: what it is about and who acts

They presented “En El Barro”, the spin-off of “El Marginal”: what it is about and who acts
They presented “En El Barro”, the spin-off of “El Marginal”: what it is about and who acts

The Argentine series has been a huge success since it was launched in 2016, so Netflix decided to create a spin-off about the women’s prison.

“In the Mud”. Photo: Netflix.

“The Marginal”the Argentine series that was very successful and was created in 2016, will have its spin-off called “In the Mud”This new story will be an exclusive Netflix production.

The new project will have many secrets and will represent the adversities that exist in the women’s prisons. The story will focus on Gladys Guerra ‘The Borges’Mario Borges’ (Claudio Rissi) partner in “El Marginal”.

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Synopsis of “In the Mud”

The summary of this new Netflix production describes the following: “While Gladys Guerra ‘La Borges’ and other convicts are being taken to La Quebrada prison no prison experienceare attacked. The vehicle that transports them sinks into the river and the prisoners, abandoned to their fate, face certain death. But Gladys breaks free, and free the othersMinutes later, five survivors reach the shore, covered in mud.

“In the Mud”. Photo: Netflix.

“United by adversity, this group of women will face the hostility of the prison regime and the challenge of the different ‘tribes’ that They manage the daily routine from prison. Using the weapons that each one brings from their personal history, discovering their own strengths and weaknesses, they will know build your place in the universe of La Quebrada. Without looking for it, and without being able to avoid it, they will transform into a new band: ‘The muddy ones’“, he adds.

“In the Mud”. Photo: Netflix.

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Cast of “In the Mud”

  • Ana Garibaldi
  • Valentina Zenere
  • Rita Courtesy
  • Lorena Vega
  • Marcelo Subiotto
  • Carolina Ramirez
  • Ana Rujas
  • Gerardo Romano
  • Cecilia Rosetto

In this new series the main characters of “El Marginal” already are not presentlike Juan Minujín, Nicolas FurtadoMartina Gusmán, Abel Ayala, Daniel Pacheco, Marcelo Peralta and Jorge Lorenzo. It is worth remembering that a spin-off tells a story that derives from another work that already exists.

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