The most important scene from the latest House of the Dragon episode was invented for the series, and some fans are calling the moment “stupid”

The most important scene from the latest House of the Dragon episode was invented for the series, and some fans are calling the moment “stupid”
The most important scene from the latest House of the Dragon episode was invented for the series, and some fans are calling the moment “stupid”

There are those who are remembering the last seasons of Game of Thrones

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This Monday we were able to enjoy in Spain the third episode of the second season of House of the Dragon, another chapter of the Game of Thrones prequel that had a very special cameo, a nod to the original series and also A couple of moments that have generated debate or disappointment among some fans. Today we are going to talk about the one that is generating some controversy, among other things because it was totally invented by the scriptwriters for the series.

Spoiler alert. In this topic we will delve into a key scene from 2×03 of House of the Dragon, broadcast this Monday by Max in Spain.

As you can imagine if you are following the fiction, this beginning of the second season is taking its time before the audience to show the frustrated attempts of Alicent y Rhaenyra to avoid a bloody war. This has been seen more than ever in the last episode of the program, with both mothers trying to contain the warlike desires of several of their sides, and with the daughter of King Viserys traveling to King’s Landing for a reckless meeting with her old friend that is not narrated to us at any point in Fire and Blood.

As is often the case with this type of invention, some fans have responded vehemently to the situation, calling it stupid. Others go further and dare to say that This chapter is the worst of the entire seriesamong other things for depriving us of seeing a great battle at the beginning of it. I don’t blame them, because it is true that this scene seems rushed, and its result is pure chance rather than a well thought out and elaborate plan by Rhaenyra. That is to say, its execution was terrible but, Was it really an unnecessary meeting?

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I have my doubts there. Given the deep respect Rhaenyra came to have for her father at the last minute, and the love Alicent undoubtedly felt for her husband, it was clear that there had to be one last attempt to prevent war. The meeting feels foolish because Rhaenyra was already between a rock and a hard place and I needed to make one last move that would convince her to go ahead or not with what is coming will be the destruction of Westeros. In addition, The meeting makes the misunderstanding clear to Alicent what he had gotten himself into, although it is too late to turn back now: a lot of things have happened.

The friendship between the two characters at the beginning of the series, different from the one we can read in Fire and Blood, also justifies the moment, which the people in charge of House of the Dragon also wanted to embellish with a certain touch of solemnity and intrigue: “We wanted it to seem monumental.” We will see what the writers of the series surprise us with in the next chapters, but after this episode it is clear that the war is about to begin.

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