Big Brother Fury was invited to a circus and was beaten in the middle of a trick

Big Brother Fury was invited to a circus and was beaten in the middle of a trick
Big Brother Fury was invited to a circus and was beaten in the middle of a trick

The life of the most controversial figure of the latest edition of Big Brother continues to cause a stir wherever she visits. This time, it happened at the opening of the 2024 season, where she was applauded by the audience.

The former reality show contestant arrived at the venue, located on one of the city limits of Buenos Aires with the La Matanza district, on Avenida Crovara and General Paz, dressed like a rockstar, with a skirt and black leather jacket, surrounded by security personnel and cameras looking for the exclusive photo.

Her visit was not as a mere spectator, but rather she was part of the show that has been performing throughout the country for 42 years. In this performance, which as was said was the opening of the 2024 season, Fury He was part of a number in which, as if that were not enough, he suffered a small accident with another of the artists, who hit his head when trying to close the box he was entering prematurely. Fury.

Watch the video of the full act of Fury at the Circus

In the middle of the act, in which the participants move to the rhythm of the music in a fairly synchronized manner, the young media personality was entering a box where the trick was going to be performed, when one of the artists from Circo Rodas tried to close it before she had completely entered, causing her head to press against the edge of the box. She quickly realized her mistake, let the box close, and then tried to close it. Fury entered and, amidst the laughter of all the witnesses, they continued with the act, which was not affected by any other accidents.

Watch the video where Big Brother’s Fury is beaten

The Jorge Ribeiro Soarez circus is one of the most famous in the country, not only for its longevity and quality, but also for being accompanied year after year by the most important figures of the local artistic scene. Yesterday, Anamá Ferreira was also present, who recorded herself with Fury in a video shared on social media, confessing to being one of the first “Furiosas.”

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