Karoline seals her peace pact with Glock in front of Andrea Serna, are they friends now?

After the Death Challenge, the teams meet again with Andrea Serna to say goodbye to Gaspar, leader of the Omega house in the Colombian reality show. It is at that moment when the presenter asks Karoline for her relationship with Glock.

The Super Human assures that, fortunately, several days ago they agreed to be more assertive with their communication, because they know that they are at a point in the competition where they want to enjoy the victories to keep good memories.

This puts an end to their rivalry, as both say they are very proud of everything they have achieved on the playing field.

Guajira, from Desafío 2023, gave her opinion on what Karoline said, is she the queen of the White Box?

During one of the last Sentence and Wellness Challenges in the 2024 Challenge with three teams, Karoline decided to shout that she was the queen of the air in order to motivate herself and finish the White Box on a high note, however, she aroused several criticisms, both among her rivals and on the networks.

Initially, Gaspar was the most outraged by the words of the Beta member, since she considered that it was a sign that she lacked humility and that, in addition, for her, Luisa was really the best on that track.

But it didn’t stop there, as Guajira, who was a finalist in the The Box 2023 Challenge, took advantage of all the commotion this caused and gave a personal opinion, since although she alluded to what Karoline said, she did not mention her as such.

“When I went to contact, I fought hard. Three people had to catch me. When I went to the pool, I passed the guys. I am the queen of the Yellow Box, with a record on the track.”said this former participant in a video.

Karoline was on the verge of giving up on the 2024 Challenge

Upon returning home after the Challenge of Sentence, Prize and Punishment in which Omega emerged victorious due to Tania’s performance, Karoline revealed to Francisco that she really misses her routine outside of the Colombian reality show.

“I’m already kind of bored, honestly. I think my little house is calling me (…) I already miss the comfort of my house, being calm. Imagine if we have to compete with the four of us, one of us has to go no matter what,” he pointed.

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